No matter how experienced a designer become, the learning process should never end. And there is no better way of learning design than by just looking at and studying a well-built PSD file. They are a powerful way of learning and a great source for getting inspiration. Sometimes a designer do go blank while designing a few elements, and this happens to the best of us, at that time taking a look at a nicely designed and layered PSD can provide you with some fresh ideas. The one of the biggest online resource for this purpose is Dribble. A gigantic community of high quality designers whose designs can not only inspire you but some of their free PSD files can provide you with a great learning opportunity. Dribble is where the best designers show case their designs mainly for self promotion.

You can also become a part of the Dribble community but in the beginning just as a spectator who can only watch the experienced designers the real players and learn from their skills. Publishing your own work will not be an easy task for a new comer on Dribble, as you will first have to declare yourself as a Prospect and only after you are drafted by a Dribble member you can publish your work and become a player. This way Dribble makes sure that the work of only the best designers of the community gets published and it automatically provides you with an opportunity to communicate with the best of the industry and learn from them.

It’s a little difficult to find free sources to download in Dribble but we have founded these awesome free PSDs for you which will not only provide you with some great knowledge about creating these high quality designs but will also provide you with design elements for using in your next web design project. If you are new to Dribble and want to become a player in the community then your first step should be to customize these PSDs and then recreate to match the quality of the original designers, and who knows one day you will be considered as the top player of Dribble.  Also do pay a visit to the profiles of these experienced and awesome designers as you can learn a lot from their work.

1.     Log In (+ free .PSD) by David Cristian

Doing a pixel perfect web design? This sleek and trendy Log In form is what you will not want to miss out on.

2.     Lion Mini Gui Kit (+PSD) by Kamil Khadeyev

This mini but superb quality GUI is great for designers looking for the UI of the new Lion OS.

3.     Delight Icons by Jeremy Sallée

This set of seven icons in PSD will be a great resource for a designer who want to learn designing a web 2.0 standard icon set. This psd has all the style layers with it so you can easily grasp the technique.

4.     Your cart widget by Pawel Kadysz

Designing an E-commerce site? These two little vector based and resizable widgets are perfect for most of the such projects.

5.     iPhone icons by Pontus Johansson

Awesome icon set for your iPhone apps. My favorite is the map icon with the water flowing out of it.

6.     Chutzpah UI Design Kit by Morgan Allan Knutson

A clean and smooth UI that can be used in both websites and in mobile apps. This UI design can be best used with the subtle color websites. The PSD can be downloaded with grouped layers so it is a great resource for the designers who want to learn from the layer styles used by this experienced designer.

7.     Shopping Tags (free .PSD) by Jeremy Mansfield

Excellent shopping tags for using in the promotional banner advertising.

8.     Free Iphone Template in 5 angles by Mikael Eidenberg

This is a free PSD of an iphone in 5 different angles. You can adjust the reflection, glossiness and shadows according to your liking. Each of the angles displays content in the same smart object.

9.     Free buttons, yaay! by Daniel Sandvik

This a cool set of free buttons, which you can use, edit or do whatever you like to do without any permission.

10.  Blaubarry Free UI kit 2 by Mikael Eidenberg

Another great PSD for knowing how to design an eye appealing and efficient UI kit. This sleek and stylish UI kit includes sliders, buttons, form elements and scroll bars which will not only provide you an inspiration but you can also use them if you want to in your next design project.

11.Shiny Blue UI by Kevin Andersson

Stylish and shiny blue UI design which can provide you with inspiration for your next UI project.

12.  UI Oink by James

Awesome little set of elements. My favourite are the blue and orange progress bars.

13.  Dark UI by Jeff Broderick

Not a common UI design. But if you are trying to create a fun website then this may provide you with a lot of inspiration.

14.  Mini Clouds Set PSD by jackietrananh

Gorgeous clouds great for a cloud hosting website design. These vector based clouds are free and resizable.

15.  Facebook Connect Buttons PSD by Murat Mutlu

These are two of the best designed Facebook connect buttons that i have seen, one of them in static form while other shows the hover state of the button.

16.  Social Icons PSD by Umar Irshad

These simple but perfect social icons are a great PSD for learning the art of icon design.

17.  Blixt Freebie #2 – Search by Andree Blixt

One of my favourite. A simple but elegant search bar with some nice gradients and shadows.

18.   Login Form – PSD Freebie by wpscientist

It’s a fancy login form that you can use for your own projects. Most options that you might need are included in the design and everything is easy to customize to your needs if you want to.

19.  Date Flipper by Enon Avital

A web 2.0 standard date flipper, a unique way for showing the current date on your website.

20.  Clean Minimalistic Portfolio Snap by Daryl Ginn

A simple and elegant portfolio snap box, nice use of gradients and shadows.