There are thousands of mobile apps out in the market and more are coming out with each passing day. So if you are an app designer then you will need to become really creative if you want to make a name for yourself in this field or even just to survive. If you ask me then what differentiates an average app from a truly unique one is its UI experience rather than just how beautiful it looks. Because no matter how eye catching your design is it’s useless if the user is not comfortable while using it. So one should try to create “beauty with brains”.

With the recent substantial advances in the mobile technology and especially with new retina displays for mobile platforms like ipad3, the design job has become even more demanding. Now most of us are trying to create high resolution designs which will result in a more rewarding web experience for the users. Today we will be sharing with you some awesome mobile app designs for your inspiration that has an excellent UI design and are good looking as well.

A good way to learn from these inspirations is to download them on your mobile or tablet and play with them so you can experience their UI and learn from it. It does not matter if you are just a designer not a developer, as even then you will need to plan whole experience with your design.

While most of the design rules for designing mobile or web apps are the same, there is one exception. The usage of touch screen platforms by vast numbers of users makes it important to put more attention to the user experience and usability or UX. So while designing mobile apps one should make sure that buttons are rightly placed and are easy to click and the users can easily use the touch controls to swipe, expand, minimize with their fingers.

So here are the apps that inspired me and i hope will inspire you as well.


Pollogram is a fun and simple way to create, share and vote on photos with friends and family. With a good color scheme and an easy to use interface it is surely an awesome app.


This is one the most attractive and clever expense-tracking app I have seen. Its designers  has been able to combine both a gorgeous design and a lot of exciting features.


This is a great concept that is brought to life with a beautiful design. Moodswings helps you add and track your daily mood through time and location. Check how people in your neighborhood are feeling and understand the reasons behind your mood swings.


MemoCards is the ultimate flashcard app for language learners. Excellent design that combines both usability and creativity.


Todo Movies is a beautiful, easy to use yet powerful to-watch list app for iOS. Keep track of movies you want to watch and never miss a good movie ever again.

Quote Roller

Quote Roller for iPhone lets you access your QuoteRoller account from wherever you are. With an easy to use interface and good design it provides a neat web app’s transfer to mobile.


Anthm turns your iPhone into the next generation of jukebox. Launch the app, start a party then you and your friends can add music into one playlist.


Pillspector is your personal medicine assistant and drug identifier for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Pillspector is beautiful, fast and very easy to use.


With an excellent use of typography Istid provides you with an overview of the shops that are selling good quality ice cream.

Camera Genius

With a nice clean design Camera Genius is a camera application that significantly increases standard functionality. It has separate focus and exposure areas, picture editing tools and effects, social network sharing features and more.


Mingle is the new, fun way for professionals to network anywhere they are. Modern and glossy interface which might not go with the app’s goals.


Circle tells you when your friends, or people from your networks (college, work, hometown, professional group etc.), are near you.


Procreate is the only studio-grade sketchbook for iPad®. Whether you’re storyboarding the next Hollywood blockbuster, illustrating a kid’s book or a casual artist, Procreate puts you in a league of your own.

Italian Challenge

Deepen your knowledge of Italy by answering more than 1000 questions that this app offers. Attractive design with cool illustrations.


Your new favorite Forrst app? The appealing design might help make it.


Snapguide is a simple, beautiful way to share and view step-by-step how to guides.


This is the next generation sleep cycle alarm clock that will leave you feeling rested after every night’s sleep.

TV App

TV Show tracker app idea with glazed and pixel-perfect interface.

Blogging app for those who are unlucky enough to spend their lives in traffic jams. Clean interface with a touch of retro.

Air Dictate

An iPhone app that uses Siri’s speech to text to dictate text to your Mac. Luxurious look with a nice touch of texture.