No matter what platform you are designing a website or an app for, whether it’s for a desktop, a tablet or a mobile, the most important part of the its UI of will be its navigation. Why, because this is the element which will actually decide on how user friendly your website or app is. Now your navigation can be of different forms and styles, you may put it vertically or horizontally, it can be graphic or minimalistic. But whatever style and form you choose, it is important that you keep the idea of usability in your mind.

The need for a well designed and easily accessible navigation becomes even more important if you are designing for a mobile. If you look at the mobile navigations, most of them combine the visual appeal with usability idea which results in a stunning navigation that is both user friendly and looks awesome at the same time. Today for your inspiration, I will be sharing with you some of the best mobile navigation menus that i have come across lately.

Travel-selct city


Designed To Move



Fantasy Leagues App

New outlook



Nike Fuel+ App Concept

Dribbble App Sidebar

Dribbble for iPhone 5


Options Slider

UN News App

Fitness Web App Round 2

Sliding in menu for Android app


Owzzup App

Billings Touch