If you know a little about RGB and some simple math, then you already know just how many options are available to you for choosing colors for your website, there are literally hundreds of thousands of colors to choose from. Even though both ffffff and fffffe look the same white color to a newbie but the specialists know that they are two different shades. To make matters worse for the majority of the time you will not require just a single color for your project and even if you choose two great colors there is no guarantee that they will look great together on a website. Choosing the right color scheme is perhaps the most important aspect of designing an eye appealing website. These are some of the best tools in the market that can help you in choosing the right color scheme for your website.

1.  Kuler

If you use Adobe Photoshop for creating the layout of your website then you must be familiar with this awesome community driven web application. Kuler is a great tool for not only creating your own color schemes but also to browse and choose the popular color schemes created by other users. The advanced properties and options of Kuler allows you to upload images from your desktop or from Flickr and get their colors combination. The “Kuler Desktop” software can be downloaded from the website which can be used to search, browse and save themes directly from your desktop.

2.     Colour Lovers

This is one of the most comprehensive resource on colors. Here you can not only search and browse for different color palettes but also monitor the color trends. It has quite a large community of designers, so new color schemes are regularly created. The website also has a blog which is worth visiting if you want to get inspiration for making a great color scheme as it often publishes the interviews of the best designers of the community.

 3.    Color Scheme Designer

A few years ago Color Scheme Designer was the most widely used tool for choosing the right color combination for web design. But the interface of the application got a little too old for the liking of the current designers so it lost its significance. Recently the application has been launched with a revamped interface and is again grasping the attention of the designers worldwide.

 4.     Color Burn

Another great place for designers that are looking for inspiration. With a new color palette featured every day you will have plenty of options to choose from. The new ColorBurn 1.1 widget is available for download and can be used remotely from your desktop.

 5.     Color Combos

Another great tool for choosing color schemes. You get quite a few options in form of palettes and tags. Its best feature is that you can just put the URL of a website in its search option and grab its colors. It’s an interesting option if you want to get the color scheme of a website that inspires you.

 6.     Color Blender

It is one of the easiest way to choose between colors as you get a lot of color combinations here. You can choose a color with a color picker and the Color Blender will automatically calculate a 6- color palette for you. If your browser settings accepts cookies then the website can save your color palette and use it whenever you return to the page. The palettes are downloadable and can be downloaded in the Photoshop format (*.act) and Illustrator format (*.eps).

7.     Pictaculous

Sometimes during a web design project we use images to properly convey the message of the website, what is confusing to many designers is the question what colors to use with a specific image. is the best tool to solve this problem. You can upload your image in .jpg, .png or .gif format and Pictaculous can suggest the colors to use with it. These colors suggestions can be downloaded in the form of Photoshop swatches (.ACO).

8.     Color Grab

Ever saw an image online and wondered what is its color combination? Color Grab is the tool to solve this mystery for you. All you have to do is put the URL of the image in its search bar and it will give you the colors that are most widely used in the specific image. A great tool for getting inspiration.

 9.     Copaso

It’s the color generation tool of the colourlovers.com. with an exciting and user friendly interface Copaso is a great tool to generate, save and share a color palette.

10.  ColorSchemer

It’s a professional color matching application which with its dynamic visual color wheel explore the harmony between the colors and also suggests the color scheme for you. Another great advantage of using ColorSchemer is the large community and forums that can provide you with helpful tips regarding choosing the right color scheme for your website.

11.  ColoRotate

One of the most useful tools for choosing the right color scheme, ColoRotate is also the most good looking of the color choosing tools. Unlike the other tools where one can view the color schemes in two dimensions, ColoRotate presents the color  in a three dimensional and real time view.

12.  Colors on the Web

Along with three different color mixers, Colors on the web is a great resource for a rookie designer who want to learn more about color theory, how to mix different colors, color contrast and a lot more.

13.  ColorExplorer

With many different options like color libraries, color circle and color pickers, ColorExplorer is a fantastic online tool for creating and sharing color schemes.

14.  ColorSpire

You can submit your base color to Color Spire and it will generate color  based on complementary color, secondary colors, analogous colors and many other variations.

15.  100 Random Colors

As simple as it may seem choosing a color for your website can be a confusing thing, so what if your mind goes completely blank. This is where this handy little tool will come to aid. This AJAX based tool offers 100 random colors with each one of them having its HEX code in its box so that you can easily grab it, refresh the page and you’ll get another 100 random colors.