Flash is no longer the only tool with which you can achieve gorgeous image effects, in fact it is no longer the preferable tool for doing this as well. The reason is the growing trend of viewing websites through mobile devices. It’s not just the iphone that is facing issues while processing flash elements, blackberry and most of the other modern mobiles are showing some concerns as well. So now the trend is shifting towards creating the same effects through jQuery. There are plenty of advantages that jQuery brings to the developer, first of all its light weight when you compare it with Flash, it’s a lot more customizable and the seemingly endless possibilities of jQuery has made it the new standard for displaying visual media on the web. Today we will be sharing with you 15 awesome, useful and fresh jQuery slider plugins that can help you in creating gorgeous galleries and image effects.


This is a great fully responsive jQuery slider plugin that comes with a simple markup, multiple slider support and custom navigation options.


As Sequence has no built in theme, it provides you with complete creative control to build a totally unique slider with the help of just the CSS3. It can give you the complete functionality of a website slider without forcing you to use a set theme.


The guys who developed Rhinoslider boasts that it is the most flexible jQuery slider available out there and i found out that they are not lying. It allows the user to add any new style, effect or a feature to the slider.


It is a gorgeous open source slideshow plugin that works with all the major browsers and mobile devices.


With iPicture jQuery plugin you can create interactive pictures with extra descriptions.


It is an advanced image gallery script that can be used to save space when displaying a collection of images. It offers your users an elegant way to show a big version of your images without leaving the page flow.


It is an easily implementable jQuery custom content slider that comes with a bunch of transition effects.


It is a simple yet responsive and fully customizable jQuery photo viewer.

9.TN3 Gallery

This powerful jQuery image gallery and WordPress plugin with transition effects, slideshow and CSS skinning is compatible with nearly all the major browsers and mobile devices.

10.Quake Slider

If you are looking for a simple, easily customizable and gorgeous slider then Quake Slider can be a good choice. It comes with three different color schemes and 40 transitions.


As the name tells the tale, it takes an image and inserts a canvas element displaying the image and its flipped reflection directly after the image creating a lake like effect.

12.Nivo Zoom

This jQuery plugin provides you with 5 different zooming types, support for HTML captions and many settings to customize it.


This is not a image slider plugin, it allows you to create thumbnails from high resolution images without distorting them with the help of just a single line of code.

14.Black and white

With this jQuery plugin you can convert any colored image into a black and white grayscale image.


With bgStrethcer you can add a background image to a page and proportionally resize it to fill the entire window area.