There are plenty of web applications available online for free, for a designer they can save a lot of time and provides you with productivity benefits. These applications work on almost all the platforms and one can access them from any of the devices. They can also save your time because you don’t need install anything on your device for using them. Last month we shared with you 12 of these tools that you must have found helpful, today i have picked 12 more useful web applications that can make the life of a web and graphic designer that much more easy by helping them n achieving more in less time. Hope they will come handy in increasing your productivity.


This tool is a smarter way to schedule tweets and will make your work a lot easier. You can work out all of the tweets at one point of time during the day. You can fill up the Buffer with your tweets and it will schedules them for you.

CSS 3 Generator

One of the best CSS 3 generator available online with a lot of different functions and code preview.

Knowing how fast your website loads on a real browser is important as it will affect the traffic to your website in a big way. gives you the opportunity to see just how fast a website loads in a real browser from over 50 locations worldwide.


It is an awesome tool for creating notes on a website, then sharing your thoughts and feedback with your friends and colleagues.

Resize My Browser

It is a simple but powerful online tool that will allow you to set the browser size by both inner window and outer window.


It is one of the most powerful colour choosing tool available that comes built in with the Adobe Photoshop but you can also access it online.

Color Scheme Designer

Another great tool for choosing the right colour scheme for your website. It was one of the most widely used tool till the last few years when its interface became outdated and the users lost their interest in it. But last year its interface was revamped and it has started to attract the people towards itself again. In one of my articles WHB i have given a complete list of the online tools that you can use for choosing the right colour scheme for your website, if you are interested do take a look at it.

DeviantART muro

This HTML5 based application that works in all the modern browsers. You will not need to install anything for starting the drawing on a blank canvas, and you can do it without Flash or any other plug-in.


This is an online application for comparing the fonts for the screen which can be quite helpful for any web designer. It bundles the new fonts into operating system while the list of the common fonts is updated.


If you have seen a font that you don’t know the name of then you can simply submit of its image to WhatTheFont to find the closest matches to their database. In a previous article i have explained how it can be used and in my personal experience it is one of the best font recognition tool available online.

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator

It is one of the best CSS3 gradient generator available online and the Colorzilla who designed this app has made it extremely user friendly. It has sliders and colour pickers just like Photoshop making its usage that much easy.

Privacy Policy Generator

It can help you in creating professional privacy policy document that discloses some or all of the ways to your website visitors about what you will do with the information gathered from them and how you are gathering that information and also how the information will be stored and managed.