Background image is one of the most important factor in great designs. I use Photoshop to create stunning background for my clients designs, which need time and energy. Sometime i need some simple solution for background images and this turn me to online background image generators. These online background generator are simple to use and create stripped, tiled, dotted or colorful background in seconds. Enjoy these free tools and came back with your suggestions.

1.Bg Patterns:

2.ColourLovers Color This Pattern:

3.Dynamic Drive Gradient Image Maker:

4.Grsites Generator:

5.Pixelknete Dotter:

6.Rails2u Bg Maker:

7.SecretGeek’s Gradient Maker:

8.Stripe Generator:

9.Stripe Mania:

10.Striped Bgs:

11.Tartan Maker:

12.Ventdaval Bg Maker: