There are plenty of online tools available that can make the life of a designer or developer that much more easy but finding one free can be a little difficult. Here we have provided 15 free online tools that can be helpful for the designers and developers, read through their descriptions and see which one of them meets your needs. Let us know of your feedback.

1. Clickdummy

Clickdummy helps you in communicating your designs better. Sometimes sending pdf or jpegs of your design to your client and then keeping track of their feedback can be a little difficult. Putting your design into a html container can also be a tiring experience. Clickdummy allows clickable mockups with the room to annotation and feedback from your clients.

2. Manifested

Manifested is a tool for converting your existing website to work offline using HTML5’s cache manifest. It scrapes a website for images, css and javascripts that you may want to cache. It then gives you a custom cache manifest file as a jump start to upgrading your website to support offline functionality.

3. Timeslot

Timeslot can help in planning your work day better. You can simply add tasks to your day’s agenda in it and specify how long each will take. It will automatically generate start and end times for the items and when you make a change to one item the entire agenda will update accordingly.


It is an attempt to create an online environment for exploring programming languages. With a fully featured terminal emulator and code editor, and powered by interpreter engines for 15 languages. All of the interpreters are compiled to JavaScript, and run completely on the user’s device, either desktop, laptop or phone.

5. SpiderScribe

SpiderScribe is an awesome brainstorming tool which allows you to organize your ideas by connecting notes, images, files and calendars e.t.c in free-form. You can  share these maps online.

6. Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio has a calculator that is designed for two scenarios. The first is that you have a column with a certain width, for example to achieve a nice word:line ratio and you want to get a matching column. You just have to add the width of the column and it will provide you with matching columns of two different widths. The second scenario is that you got a container that you want to divide it in two. Again you just have to put in the container width and you can use the right side measurements.

7. CSS Pivot

A great website that allows you to add CSS styles to a website. You can share the result with a short link. It also allows you to invite others to submit the changes to your website.

8. Cssizer

It is a simple tool that allows you real time editing of a html design. You can also get the feedback from your clients or colleagues by sharing the page by using the url.

9. Screenfly

It allows you to view a website on different devices and resolutions.

10. CoderDeck

CoderDeck allows you to create interactive live-coding presentations.

11. Patternizer

It is an easy to use stripe pattern generator.

12. Prefixr

Prefixr automatically update CSS3 properties with the necessary browser prefixes.