Mobile app development market is already a huge one and it is also one that is rapidly growing. For the last 5 years the biggest chunk of the smartphone market was in control of apple and most of the designers and developers were busy designing and developing applications for its iphone’s iOS. Lately however, and especially within the last couple of years apps for the Android OS have also started to attract the attention of the developers and because of the ever increasing user’s demand for its apps it is a certainty that more and more designers and developers will consider this platform.

If you are one of the developers that is considering Android as a platform for creating new apps then you will find Android a lot more accommodating than iOS. The reason is the fact that its Linux based and it being open source. By using the platform one can create all new apps for the personal use and by using many of the smartphone devices you can built applications for your users. Today we will be sharing with you some helpful tools that can make the design and development of Android apps a lot more easier.

Dorid Draw

This is an online tool that can help you in building graphical user interfaces for the Android smart phone platform. But you can also use the standalone executable of Dorid Draw that is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

Google Android

This is a good stencil set for Google Android prototyping.

iDroid Icon Set

This is an elegant set of replacement icons for the Android operating system. These icons are available as 48×48 png images that can be used by replacement applications like OpenHome, dxTop, PandaHome and Bettercut.

Android Honeycomb Stencils and Sketches

Android Honeycomb is the OS that is specifically designed by Google for the tablets. This set of stencil and sketchsheets that has been created using the Motorola Xoom as a frame can help you in getting started with mocking up your GUI’s.

Fireworks Template for Android

In this template you will find vector images of Android user interface elements. The best part is that the elements are already labelled according to the Android vocabulary.

App Inventor

With App inventor you can start designing an Android app in your browser and then set its behaviour like fitting together puzzle pieces. During the process you can see the live version of the app on your phone through a live connection between it and your computer.

Sketch style Android OmniGraffle template

This sketch style wireframe encourages the users to focus on the functionality and behaviour of the app rather than on the visual design.

Sensor simulator

This java based standalone application simulates sensor data and transmits them to the Android emulator.

Android Phone GUI Kit

This Photoshop file that features elements of the Android OS 1.5 GUI is great of application mockup adn conception.

Android Interaction Design Patterns

On you can find a set of design patterns that can help you design a better android application. But as the site says itself use them as inspiration not a law.


This is another and a newer set of replacement icon for the Android OS. The rounded corners of the icon means that the designer was inspired by the iphone.