When we start a web design project, one of the first questions that come to our mind is what font to choose for it? Hundreds of fonts hits the market each year, adding to the thousands of fonts that already exist. Although the common fonts like Helvetica works just fine for most of the design projects, designers think of them as a little too overused set of fonts. Well the fact that they are so overused is evident to just how awesome they really are. For example Helvetica is one font that fits well in with virtually every design one can think of and it looks great in small as well as huge sizes.

But still sometimes the project requires that something new to give it a unique look and feel. And for that you will have to search over the web for the font that suits the needs of your design. Today again we are trying to help you out on this subject by sharing with you guys some great free fonts available online. Hope you will like them and will find them helpful in your next project.


Wisdom Script

CS Benwood

The Kabel Font


Claire Hand


Dancing Script

Merge Light