Google Android is one of the world’s most popular platform for many phones, tablets and other devices.There are thousands of Android apps to make your device smart and help you in your day to day work. If you are a designer with a phone or a tablet with the Android OS, you will find the following 10 free Android apps helpful.

1.AnDroid Draw:

AnDroidDraw is an Android application which integrates with DroidDraw to allow you to download your GUIs from the DroidDraw application and preview your GUIs on an Android device.

2.Color Dictionary:

Color Dictionary makes it very easy for you to reference any traditional colors all over the world. Includes global colors, traditional color of US, UK, France, etc. It provides RGB/HEX/CMYK/Lab values and detailed color analysis.10+ dictionaries and 2300+ colors included.

3.OI Color Picker: 

This is an extension for OI Flashlight and other compatible applications that lets you pick a color.

4.CSS Reference:

Learn about CSS properties, including syntax, examples and browser limitations. A reference for CSS properties and selectors including syntax, examples and limitations for CSS1 and CSS2 properties. Includes visual examples for border-style, cursor, font-style, font-variant, font-weight, text-decoration and text-transform properties.

5.Design Snack Mobile:

Design Snack is a featured-rich, interactive and socially-powered web ​design gallery. It’s web design inspiration, evolved. Take one of the most powerful web design inspiration tools with you wherever you go!

6.Font Pack 1 :

A software component that allows apps to edit text color and fonts.You must use it with apps that utilize this component, such as Open Home – Full, otherwise you will just see a text color/font editor.

7.Mindjet for Android:

The best way to visually capture and organize information, Brainstorm ideas, take notes, and track tasks from the convenience of your Android device. Manage supporting information via attachments, links and notes. Take your work with you and access it from your Android device whenever, wherever.

8.Photoshop Express:

Get fun mobile photography and great Adobe quality with this award-winning photo editing and sharing app. Try quick fixes and cool enhancements to make good photos great. Then share on sites like Facebook to make friends smile with the help of this app.

09.Typography Junkies :

If you want to stay up to date with the very latest in typography and font news on your Android Phone, then this application is for you. It combines hot off the press news and insight with video, social media, images and much much more to give you the greatest typography resource available.

10.WebMaster’s HTML Editor Lite:

Have a handy source code editor in your pocket! WebMaster’s HTML Editor  Lite –  HTML, PHP, JS, and CSS editor for web designers and developers. It includes syntax highlighting and code completion for HTML, CSS and JavaScript files.