Last time I shared with you guys some basic knowledge of typography which were a great starting point for a newbie. Today I will be sharing with some of the best free fonts that have surfaced recently and I will explain for what purposes they can be useful for.  We have decided to provide you guys with new freebies each week and its my experience that free fonts are always in a high demand.

You can click on the links given below to go the specific websites for downloading the each font. Hope you will enjoy using them.

Terminal Dosis

Terminal Dosis is a very simple, rounded, sans serif family. The lighter weights are minimalist. The bolder weights have more personality. The medium weight is nice and balanced. The overall result is a family that’s clean and modern, and can express a wide range of voices & feelings.

It comes in 7 incremental weights: ExtraLight, Light, Book, Medium, Semibold, Bold & ExtraBold. This can be a good choice for text or headings and can give your website a different look.


Hyperbola is an excellent font with a beautiful contrast designed by Tarin Yuangtrakul. It will be a good choice for your banners.

GRN Burgy

GRN Burgy designed by Marco Goran Romano is a funny display typeface for massive headlines, posters and, obviously, fast food logos. It takes inspiration from the earliest american graffiti and from fast food culture.


This vintage looking and at the sametime contemporary font is excellent for using in websites that are related to antiques or some other classy stuff.

Dock 11

This bold font is good for using in headings.


Designed by James T. Edmondson, Duke is available in three styles, Fill, Shadow, and Fill+Shadow.


This is an awesome font that is suitable for the modifaction in logos and headlines. If you want to spice up your design by giving it that not so usual look and feel then Weston can be the right choice. The whole family will include Light, Regular, Bold, Black and our favorite Inline + small caps.


This clean looking font  is applicable for any type of graphic design – print, web, motion graphics, etc. Using it for the banners and sliders can be a good idea.

Ostrich Sans

A gorgeous modern sans-serif with a very long neck. With a whole slew of styles & weights: Dashed (thin)   Rounded (medium),  Ultra light, Normal, Bold (race track style double lines) and Black.

Five Minutes

This funky looking font is designed by Oleg Zhuravlev and is a great choice for the designers who want to give their websites a different look than usual.