As a designer i always admire fonts and sometimes i fall in love with some of them. There are thousands of fonts out there and it’s almost impossible for me to remember them all, here comes the font identifiers. In this article i write about 09 free online tools for font identification. Hope you will find them helpful!

1.Adobe Font Finder:

Adobe’s Font Finder is an amazing tool that help you discover your desirable font. It is simple to use just enter some text as a sample to display and discover the font you are looking for. Adobe’s Font Finder has many font option that help you in your search.

2.Bowfin PrintWorks Font Spotter:

Bowfin Printwork font spotter online tool help you find your font, by answering questions on the shape of the glyphs of the font. It also Includes guides for Script Fonts, Bauhaus-style Fonts, Sans Serif, Serif Fonts and Lined Fonts. The webmaster is always avalible to answer any font ID questions for free via email.

3.Flickr Typeface Identification:

Flickr has a group dedicated to identifying fonts. Just take a picture of your font and some font guru will be along to suggest its name. Its quick and easy give it a try.


Fontshop is a dedicated place for fonts. You can shop almost any kind of font here. Fontshop has aslo an online tool that help you identify fonts which works like bowfint system by asking questions about the shape of the characters.


Identifont is another online font identification tool that claims to find your font by asking a number of questions about the font. If you don,t have a picture of the font then you can totally rely on this service.

6.Linotype Font Identifier:

They ask you a series of questions relating to the characterics of the font you’re trying to identify and suggest the most likely font names.

7.Typophile Type ID Board:

This is one the greatest and largest community of font experts. You get your answers simply by posting an image of the font you’re looking for in their forum.

8.What Font Is:

What Font is can identify the font you are looking for. Its simple just submit the image of the font you are looking for and it will show all the information on the font. Please note the text must be writen in one line and saved in jpeg, gif or png format.

9.What The Font:

What The Font is my favorite tool for identifying fonts. Simply upload an image of the font to their servers or add a link to the image on the WTF interface, and the system will show you multiple font results. If unable to find it, it will prompt you to go to their Font Forum where you can post the image and wait for feedback from font experts.