Yola Silver now offers around 200 website templates. You can choose one from these templates that will fit to your need or when you choose one, simply customize it according to your preference. Although the 200 templates may seem a little pale compare to others that offers more than thousands, the developers believes that they have already provided enough variety for developers who wanted one that works. In addition, Yola Silver templates are arranged in detailed category. It offers templates from athletics to tourism and it is the sole software that comes with the most number of template categories compare to any design software that had been previously offered. This simply means that there is an ample template that is virtually available for any kind of business. Moreso, Yola gives its customers $100 free credits when you spend $25 with AdWords credits.




It is considered that Yola’s premier feature is the one that keeps the beginner accessibility. It provides an intuitive drag and drop function that allows you in selecting, dropping, then arranging your site. Among its top components include photos, text boxes, and graphics that can be arranged directly in the site pages. This kind of flexible customization is very important since it lets you arrange the layout of your site exactly how you sees it fit. Moreso, Yola Silver is considered as one of the most versatile software for web design.


In addition, the templates comes with the standard web design tools which include meta tags, page naming, and a decent support for multi-media. You can even add Flash effect, audio, and video in your website. Yet, this software does not support clips or animation for QuickTime. The animation side means that you can incorporate moving or animated images or illustrations which will definitely make your website more interactive and interesting.


Graphic Imaging Tools


This software provides all of the graphic imaging tools that you are looking for within a web design software. The application has an image library that is loaded with photos and graphics that you can use any way you want. Moreso, it allows you in cropping images, resizing pictures, and compressing graphics without distorting them. Moreso, you can create thumbnails with the software for you to create your own gallery of images online.


Ease of Use


The ease of use this software had been rated perfect by a number of web designers. This is because the software is extremely easy to use and you can definitely create a website of your liking in no time. This is best for beginners since everything is presented properly that you only need to choose what you want and combine them altogether. The fact is, this software will enable you to build a website faster compare to all other web design software available online. In addition its WYSIWYG interface is highly polished, intuitive, and contemporary.


Help and Support


Yola Silver comes with several numbers of help and support choices that are very useful especially when you need assistance when it comes learning more regarding the software and how you can manipulate it. This is a web-based application thus you can easily access all of its online resources. This may include FAQ’s and tutorials.


One of the most impressive and useful element of this software is the community forums. The page are searchable thus you can easily look for threads using keywords. Moreso, Yola provides technical supports from an online contact or from a telephone.


Generally, Yola Silver is not recommended for developers who have an advanced knowledge and experience when it comes to web designing since they may find it boring and shallow although it has a broad functionality. Yet for new web developers, this one is for you.