The way we navigate our websites is very important. The reason being that the user experience and the way in which they interact with the site can make or break its usability. If someone can’t get around on your website, then it’s pretty useless. If someone can get around and is easily able to find what they’re searching for, then that makes a big difference. Experimenting with navigation and incorporating it into new technologies allowed us to come across an effect that’s widely used today.  The effect is called ‘parallax scrolling’. It’s great not just because it makes navigation a breeze; it can also be fun to interact with, and parallax scrolling is known to add depth to what could otherwise be plain and boring web designs. It provides a way to creatively interact with the content in a fun and exciting way. Today, we’re going to show you some sites that effectively use parallax scrolling. See if you can pick up an idea or two, and incorporate them into your own website!  

OK Studios

ok studios

This website has gotten a lot of recognition because they use parallax scrolling in its simplest form to its best. If you play around on the website, you’ll see how this works for them.


HealthShare Award

healthshare award

This is a pretty simple website that uses the scrolling method. The navigation smoothly takes you to whatever portion of information you’re looking for. It also brings the background to life and other elements as well.  

Jan Ploch

jan ploch

This graphic designer obviously likes to have fun and has created a unique brand. Jan uses a motif of a water bottle throughout her website and even uses it to present her work. It works perfectly well with the scrolling navigation.

Contrast Rebellion

contrast rebellion

It’s always fun to stumble on a site that calls for a change in the way things are done. This particular website is for web designers, and they make a good point. Beginning web designers should check out this site for information, as well as its wonderful navigation.

Fabrizio Michels

Fabrizio Michels

There are lots of portfolio and agency websites that use parallax scrolling and different types of navigation. This website does so in a way where it’s possible to bring the information to life by essentially using the scrolling effect by creating a bit of a moving background.

Bake Agency

bake agency

With a lot of different websites, you’re able to use your mouse to scroll through other sites. At Bake Agency, they actually use the spacebar to navigate between different pieces of information. They use this scrolling navigation more as a way to present information and they’re doing a great job with that.

Atlantis World’s Fair


Atlantis World’s Fair decided to create a site that pretty much explains their purpose and history. They used this scrolling not just for presenting information, but as a way to animate information and to tell a story. It’s very interesting, extremely fun, interactive, and information-driven. This is just an all-around great effort.

Dangers of Fracking

Dangers of Fracking

Just like Atlantis Worlds’ Fair, this website uses scrolling as a way to tell a story. It’s probably one of the most astounding websites you’ll ever see, and it’s informational. If you have time to spare, make sure to drop by this website, scroll through it, and learn more about the dangers of fracking.  



This agency also decided to use the parallax scrolling method. They’re a global team that’s obviously interested in creating work that kind of breaks out of the norm. It’s quite evident that they use parallax scrolling as a way to animate the information they’re presenting.  

Broadcast Creative

Broadcast Creative is a digital publishing agency headquartered in China. It’s more of a simple idea of navigating via scrolling and parallax scrolling. This is how you can take the simplest concept and magnify it with great design.