Top Ten Joomla extensions to look out for 2014 provide a huge improvement with the website performance. Each extension provides significant benefits to the website that you are building. This may oenhance the looks, functionalities, and traffic attraction to the website especially when put into proper use.

Content Templater

This is one of the most powerful extensions that allow the developer in creating a reusable and pre-defined template. Especially for websites that has multiple administrators, using this extension provide a consistent look to the site. This is because the multiple templates that had been created that appear within the editor can be selected.

Custom Properties

Content Templater

One of the best enhancements that this extension provides is its capability to allow tags within the articles. These tags may be used to help in the navigation and organization. Moreso, it opens the content hierarchy since this extension allows multiple tags in just one article.

Joomla Content Editor

joomla content editor

This works as a WYSIWYG editor to Joomla powered sites. So for developers who are looking for a default editor, then this one is your best option. Among its best features include allowing the developers in adding file manager, image manager, a media manager, plus it is extendable.

Jom Content


This extension allows its user to leave comments. It is Ajax based which keeps page reloads and even support spam prevention and support templates. With this extension, you can configure comments to be moderated and requires approval from the administrators before it appears on the site.


This is one of the advanced search engine created for Joomla. It allows the user in acquiring a powerful alternative on its default search functionality. Moreso, it allows a full text search and has several filters along with the custom-defined filters.



This extension is an ajax based search box that allows you to search what you typed then displays the result on a pop-up box.

Extended Menu

Extended Menu

This extension extends the main menu of Joomla. Developers will need to use CSS to get the desired style yet with its configuration options, it is now extremely easy to edit the menu orientation and even to re-order and split the Menu.



This extension is actually a set of management and creation extensions. With it, you can integrate and create unlimited modules for menu and get several styling options.

Joomla FCK Editor


This is a gateway to the popular FCK editor. Its powerful and very easy to use using WYSIWYG editor which then provides a stringer alternative for the default editor of Joomla.



This extension tagged itself as the best content construction kit available for Joomla. It has a different way in handing the content items for Joomla sites. It allows the developer in creating customized contents on the custom fields.
Enhancing the looks and functionality of your websites had never been this easy. All you need to do is consider the top ten joomla extensions to lookout for 2014 and use the one that will improve your website. So what are you waiting for? Start improving your website now!