For quite a long time, Windows 8 has been raising controversies as an operating system. Primarily, people are concern of its user interface, the limited menu and start buttons, and it is deemed to be somewhat a convergence of different user interfaces. Yet, despite of these concerns, it still manages to go on as one of the most recognized operating system worldwide. In fact, there are several app and games that had been created to complement its OS. The list below is the top ten games for Windows 8 that you need to have. Check them out and know what you wanted to install in your device.

Doom and Destiny 

Doom and Destiny

This game has been released previously for Windows Phone and Xbox. This is actually one of the traditional top=down and dungeon style RPG game. It has a 16 bit of visual styles that is inspired by consoles and arcade from the past like the Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy.

Great Big War Game

great big war game

 This game offers four modes: the skirmish, single player, online play, and PvP hotseat option. All of these options challenge you to play with other players. You will need to tap and zoom your way to higher levels in this game.

Jetpack Joyride

jetpack joyride

 This is an amazing game with single touch controls. This game makes you in-charge of the stolen jetpack and you need to escape a top secret laboratory within the company you are working.

Toy Story: Smash It!

toy story smash it

 This game is primarily intended to young gamers. You will be playing as Buzz whose in-charge of protecting Andy’s room against various invasions like Zurg. You will need to tap the controls and then drag the ball you are throwing in order to defeat you enemies.



 This is a free game that is driven with unique puzzles as well as stunning graphics. There are five episodes that you can play with, and what’s more amazing is that it comes with an eBook as a spin-off novel.



 This game lacks with 3D graphics and surround digital stereo. Yet it does not come short with amusement and as a game, it is generally great.  It’s fun and entertaining that you need to try it.

Galactic Reign

galactic reign

 This is a space strategy game that is sophisticated and provides an option for footage review of you space combat that you can customize the units and surprise your opponents. 

Halo: Spartan Assault

halo spartan assault

 This is actually the game that attacks Spartans and is based from Halo 3 and 4. You will need to play within 25 missions against the Covenant using vehicles and weapons.

Draw a Stickman

draw a stickman

 This game will require you to complete an adventure with a point then click controls. Its adventure element is quite strong it lacks with character or rolling stats. Moreso, its background and landscape are shown in line drawing so that the character is not out of place.



 This game is an example of futuristic RTS. It is based from the popular game Command and Conquer, it also has a polished presentation with great graphics, sci-fi like style and music, and an effective method in building units and facilities and in starting a battle.