Since it become hugely popular all over the world, iDevice has also popularized apps and games that enhance its use. Worldwide, owners of iDevices are always updating their devices with apps and games that show their personality. Preferences are constantly changing as new trends are coming into the market. The good thing ablest out digital products is that some of the best are offered for free. The list below show the top ten free iOS apps that you can install your device this 2013.



Guitars and virtual pianos are gaining massive popularity although digital musical toys works best in Apple devices. One of the best for Apple is TonePad, it uses an interface based from a grid and allows its user to turn the notes off and on then compose great loops. The good thing is that all of your creations may be edited, uploaded, or saved.

Reuters News Pro

reuters news pro

While there are several news app available, this one provides better coverage that makes it more preferred over the others. Its toolbar provides an easy access to pictures, news, videos, and even updates about the stock market.



The biggest social network all over the world is now available in iDevices. Now, you can get instant access to your feeds, contacts, and other information from your Facebook account using your iDevice.



 This app provides an excellent panorama app that’s easy and fun to use. You can see your panorama developed while you are capturing them. Although the iOS camera already has panorama functionality, this app is more flexible and works well even with older models.



 This is an important app especially when all the other app of similar functions does not work with some complimentary devices. So with this app, you can easily contact friends with less to not cost at all wherever they are in the world.

Movies by Flixter

movies by flixter

To use this app, you simply need to choose a film then it will show you your location, the list of cinemas nearby, then the time of shows of your chosen film.



 This app helps you in tracking your cycling ad jogging routes, analyze the mapping, and provide details about your pace. It also provides information about how much calories you have already burned.



Previous apps like RSS obtain a reputation of being a dry technology that gives dull list of the headlines. The good thing is that Pulse has already addresses the shortage of RSS and now provides a stream of feed that you might be interested.

National Rail Enquiries

 This app is highly useful for people who are commuting with train. It provides you with a journey plan, location awareness, timetables, and a record of your progress in travelling. You can also get updates about the time that the next train will be coming.



 This is one app that provides a way in transferring files from your computer to you iDevice. The good thing is that it is very easy to use and you can access your files even if you are offline when you need to view them.