The clinical and learning environment has learned to adapt with the advancement of technology. Today, technology has changed the face of medicine and the practice with improvements from analysis, testing, diagnosis, to prognosis. With just an iPad, here are the Top 10 apps you can use in the practice of physical therapy and rehabilitation with specialized features to address your each and every concern.


VisibleBody is a really impressive muscle anatomy app. There is no denying that the muscles are well-detailed, responsive, plus the ability to rotate, tilt, shift and move in any direction to look at the anatomy from any angle is priceless. You can also selectively remove muscles and fade muscles to get a sense of depth and how different muscles are positioned.


PocketBody is another great anatomy app that lets you see the depth of anatomy, taking back layer by layer to see how each interacts.


iOrtho+ is a wide-range resource of over 200 orthopedic special tests and 88 joint mobilization techniques.  There is a good amount of references available with links to journal abstracts to further explain each procedure. The main limitation of this app is the lack of videos. However, the techniques are clearly shown in well designed photos with force vector arrows added for clarity.

CORE- Clinical Orthopedic Exam

CORE is an app with demonstrations of clinical tests.  Similar iOrtho+, there are over 200 tests available with numerous references and links to the journal abstracts or the entire article. CORE has more references that iOrtho+ with the biggest advantage actual video demonstrations of the techniques. CORE is specifically designed for special tests with the addition of manual techniques.

Mobile OMT

Mobile OMT, or Mobile Orthopedic Manipulative Therapy, is an app by the same makers of CORE.  This app has tons of high quality videos of mobilization and manipulative techniques that are easy to follow with detailed descriptions of each.


Kinesiocapture is an extremely powerful video capture and analysis app. This app enables you to record videos, analyze, and review right on your iPad.  It includes lots of useful tools to measure angles, apply posture grids, overlay video, and watch two videos side by side. In the fitness, performance, and biomechanical fields, the ability to assess sport performance is top notch.  For the rehabilitation specialist, you can measure angles, show changes over time or post-treatment, analyze posture, and assess movement quality.


Goniometer is an easy to use app for clinical applications. Just place your iPhone next to the joint to be measured in line with the axis, use your finger to drag the arms to match the anatomical alignment to bony prominences and it gives you the angle. Just like that you have a useful tool for routine practices.

Stop Watch and Timers

Stop Watch and Timers is another app available on iPad for only $.99. It’s a handy tool that allows you to have multiple timers going at once that you can label accordingly.  This helps with Medicare patients in gaining more accurate measures of how long they are spending doing their exercises and also for use with Outcome Measure tools that require timing.

Medical Spanish

Let’s go a little into diversity. Medical Spanish is a nifty little app that helps with translation when necessary for Spanish speaking patients with specific muscle pain section.

Simi Move

Last but not the least, Simi Move. It’s another app for iPad that offers very simple and easy to use movement analysis on your tablet. Simi Move has predefined protocols, such as sagital and frontal gait analysis and running analysis. All angles are predefined and can be positioned by simple finger movements.