There are hundreds and thousands of free software available online. They are very easy to access and download. As what we all know, in the internet, everything is just a click away. Before you start downloading various software for your recreation, hobbies, and interests, make sure you install these Top 10 Free PC Software Everyone Must Have.

Antivirus and malware protection

Every PC needs protection from wounding viruses and malwares. Most people think that these would come with a costly price but what we don’t realize is that there are free programs that are just as good as the expensive ones. For the Top 10 Free PC Software Everyone Must Have, we strongly recommend Panda Cloud Antivirus and Malwarebytes.

Back-up Solutions

PCs wear off and eventually stop working. If you come across to this point, you will regret how you were not able to back-up your important files. In order not to get to this heartbreaking point, you should not forget to download a back-up program. There are dozens of such programs out there but when it comes to important data, you should use online back-up services. Try Dropbox or Google Drive. We are vouching for Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.


While Microsoft’s Internet Explorer comes pre-installed for computers running in Windows operating system, free alternatives are available. Don’t hesitate to explore. These free alternatives provide an optimized browsing experience. It’s faster and in most cases, more secured than Internet Explorer.

Compression utility

For our fourth pick for the Top 10 Free PC Software Everyone Must HaveWhen you download files in the internet, you will surely encounter file extensions such *.zip, *.rar, and other compressed files. For your convenience we propose that you download 7Zip.

Disc ripper and creation utility

In the future, you might think about making an audio, ripping data, or creating a DVD/CD from a *.iso. All these can be done for free with CDBurnerXP.


Of all our Top 10 Free PC Software Everyone Must Have, email services is probably the most vital for our digital existence. Many users now use online email solutions. However, email clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird are far more convenient and easy to access than online email solutions.

FTP, SFTP, and SSH Utility

If you are planning to maintain your website on your own, then you definitely should have this! Users who maintain their own page need to download and upload files to or from a server. To be able to successfully do this, we recommend these two free FTP utility and SSH client: Filezilla (FTP) and Putty (SSH).

Image editor, paint program, and picture organizer

Everyone has photos on their laptops and computers but if you are looking forward to creating, editing, and organizing your images, then you might want to try GIMP,, and Picasa.


Whether you are wanting to catch up with your favorite TV Show, movie, or music, you must not forget this must-have in our Top 10 Free PC Software Everyone Must Have: VLC Player.

Office Suite

This is probably the priciest on our list. Of course, we have gathered this list to come up with free solutions. If you are on a tight budget, you might want to install OpenOffice for your convenience. Why bother spending on a software when the free ones are just as good?