Perhaps, one of the hardest decisions that you need to do is choosing your web hosting provider. It is important that you choose the right one since your investment can simply lead to nothing while in the long run, they may result to loss. But the question is, how do you choose the best one when everyone is claiming that they are the best. The steps below will show you steps on how to choose wisely.

  • Set your objectives in creating the website. It is important that you have a clear picture on how your website will look like, what are its key features, what areas you will be concentrating, or who are your target market.


  • Investigate if the web hosting company also offers a site builder. You need to consider this since if you have limited knowledge in programming, you cannot go on with the project definitely. Yet, there are available site builders nowadays that can help. They just need to be present on the web host where you intend to subscribe. However, you need to be aware that some of it are only provided by the proprietary cotmpanies.


  • Know who will create the website. Outsourcing means expenses while doing it on your own may cause damage. The good thing is that there are several web hosting provider that integrate cPanel on their features. Thus, the website can be designed with just a few clicks. Yet, this practice can only be performed for smaller sites, bigger sites and corporate sites requires a different approach.


  • Inquire if the company will assist you if you do not have any website development experience. Talk to them and inquire what kind of assistance you can get since you don’t have any programming skills or any idea with website creation. Ask if they do have video tutorials or if a personnel from the support department can assist you in the process of website development.


  • Get an email from the domain name of the website. It is recommended that you go to web host that offers unlimited email aliases, autoresponders, and pop mailbox. These kind of services are very important in interacting with your customers especially in updating them with present offerings.


  • Know the uploading method. When you use online manager, it will take several time to transfer huge volume of data.  Yet, if your webhost offers unlimited FTP account, the job of online manager will become a lot easier.


  • Know if the host provides progress logs. This is important for entrepreneurs. You need to pay a close attention with stats especially your conversion and traffic rates.


  • Leave the room with enough space for growth. It is important that during the initial stage, you already have ample space. This is in preparation for possible growth in the future. Thus it is very important that your web hosting provider offers this kind of feature. It is not advised that you overbuy. You have to be aware that it is a marketing trick that these web hosting providers offers 25GB or more. Do not be deceived of this trick since majority of the websites never even uses over 1 percent of that.


  • Test the Speed. You can do this by following the path start> run> type: command, then enter and type: ping hostdomainame. Wait until it finishes its task then look for the average ping. You need to know that lower number means faster speed. This means that your site will be loading faster. Anything that averages at 80 is good while more than 100 is not recommended except if you are based in another country.


  • Know if they do have a strong support system. The support personnel must be available 24/7 while video tutorials, email and chat support must always be available. it is also important that you check their response time and see if they are sensitive enough of their customer issues.

There you have it, follow these guidelines and you can be certain that you will never go wrong. Do not be in a haste of subscribing immediately. Make a careful analysis, compare features, and then decide. You wouldn’t want to make bad decisions right?