Some web designers find that the process of creating a website for someone is a piece of cake. You get a chance to visualize how you feel about a company or a client. However, one of the most difficult things for almost every designer is creating a website for themselves. They want to show their skills, creativity, and express themselves, all in one spot.

It can be a daunting task, so some web designers end up outsourcing to someone else. It’s hard to determine how you want to portray your work, what work you think is best to show, and what approach you want to take to the business side of things. To make it more complicated, a number of designers don’t have much diversity in portfolio sites. You tend to get the same layouts and elements.

Portfolio websites aren’t created just to show off your work. It also gives a sense of individuality to you and your brand. In this article, we’ve found some designers who have done a great job at being creative and consistent throughout their sites. We hope these can serve as an inspiration to you.



 Flourish Web Design


Flourish Web Design is one of those unorthodox agency websites with its heavy content. The reason is that they go above and beyond in trying to explain their brand and their process. With content-heavy websites, it’s often hard not to make things cluttered, but this site has done a great job making everything work together.




This web design is a product of web designers who didn’t have much time to create their own space. This happens quite often, but they seem to have met the challenge quite well by designing a single page with contact details. Oftentimes, designers will put a lot on their website and never make time to update. So, why not just avoid it and leave what’s most important?


Noble Design

noble design

While Noble Design’s website doesn’t do a lot of tricks, visitors will get a feel for who and what this particular designer is. You can tell this is someone who likes to make a statement without bragging. It’s a humble yet bold portfolio.


Calm Digital

calm digital

There are certain colors that represent emotions. Calm Digital, for example, has used that to their advantage in their brand. Not only do they use calm colors, they also make it a point to show everyone that they’re 100% sure of themselves and confident in their work.


Vito Salvatore

vito salvatore

Vito Salvatore makes a great introduction by the way he opens his page. He takes on a different approach to web design, while at the same time keeping some common elements like a grid-based portfolio.


Mostly Serious

mostly serious

This agency thrives on being unique. You can tell that by the way they’ve developed their website, with the different pages and the trendy programming.


Stephen Caver

stephen caver

Stephen Caver is one ambitious guy who doesn’t just want to show off his work, but also his thoughts and ideas. You can tell him this can be quite daunting and hard to keep up with, but Stephen is up to the challenge.




Domani is an agency that takes an extremely imaginative and unique approach to presenting themselves online. You can tell their brand is bold and they meet problems with innovative solutions. It’s an all-around fun website with movement and great attention to details.


Segno Studio Creativo

Segno Studio Creativo

Nowadays, a lot of creators like to show off their work in some sort of grid or table type element. But the folks over at Segno Studio Creativo decided they wanted to go for more of the presentation of their work.


My Dirty Desk

my dirty desk

This is a wonderfully crafted website that’s based mainly on vector designs. While a lot of portfolios use the funds scrolling effects, they make it exciting with their use of design. It’s not something you’d see every day.