Having said that Pinnacle Cart is presently the ultimate shopping cart systems among others, you need to know proof of these claims to ensure that it is not another false propaganda from something that doesn’t really deliver what it promises.

The top reason perhaps for getting Pinnacle Cart is its rich feature that can be setup easily and get the benefits instantly. In fact, there are several features that only Pinnacle Cart has and the other shopping cart systems does not possess.


Pinnacle Cart is extremely easy to design

With just little effort, you can have a designed that looks professional even without any knowledge in coding. Yet, it is a plus if you do since you can edit the content from the main code or by using your own editor like Visual Studio, DreamWeaver, or FrontPage.


Secondly, the platform also has Facebook e-commerce app which you can use in linking it to your Facebook pages then sell from there.

It also optimizes your online shop on Smartphones and all mobile devices so you can sell using those platforms, thus reach greater markets.


Third, it is SEO enabled so you can be assured that you have a very strong online presence.

This is made possible because of its SEO friendly URL’s and Hyperlinks, customized URL’s, site maps, and a lot more.

Fourth, you can make instant sales with the use of QR Codes.

For every product, you can set QR Codes for free for you to be able to increase the sales which in a way are offline marketing. So regardless how your customer accessed your product or wanted to purchase it, you have a convenient way to serve them.


Fifth, it is packed with powerful marketing tools that attract prospected customers to your page.

Among its top promos are quantity discounts, promotional codes, free shipping, affiliate system integration, newsletter creation, and a lot more.


Sixth, it provides product syndication.

You can boost your sales by simply syndicating your product to popular online stores like Google Product Search, Amazon, eBay, PriceGrabber etc. This ensures that you keep increasing your sales every day.


Seventh, Pinnacle Cart has an advanced image tools that satisfies your customer through product viewing wherein they can zoom the image, magnify it, or use Magic Thumb and Lightbox.

This helps the speedy decision making of your prospected clients whether they wanted what they see or not.


Eighth, Pinnacle Cart is equipped with advanced analytics.

This tool helps you track your traffic as well as its conversion. This will assist you in your optimizing considerations of your products or page to further improve your sales and online presence.

Now, the list can go on and on. Pinnacle Cart has more to offer. The best way to test whether it really work or not is to try their free trial version, when you see positive results, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t decide to buy a package for yourself now!