It is fact that owners does not want to spend much money and time in on server management while maintaining their website. Thus, it is best that they simply subscribe to fully managed hosting services that are offered now by several web hosting companies. The reason for subscription is mainly because of the issues that are constantly met by website owners. This problem is addressed in full when you opt to managed server hosting.

Now, you might be asking what managing hosting services is although you may have across the term in several articles and reviews regarding web hosting service. Basically managed hosting means that your web host provider take charge of all the server related issues that you should be concern while maintaining a website. Think of it as a free change oil or maintenance upon purchase of a car.

In contrast, unmanaged hosting means that you just rent your server from a web hosting provider then you are left of the responsibility that you need to take care of the maintenance and services. While it has a middle ground that is called self-managed hosting wherein, depending on the subscription agreement, a few of the maintenance task is performed by the service provider. However, the daily running and maintenance of the server is regarded to you.

Upon subscribing to one of the web hosting services provider, one of your main concern in the server monitoring. This is a process wherein there is a need to monitor constantly the servers to be able to identify any irregularities that may result to failures of the service. You no longer to worry about this aspect since the system administration already monitor, on a regular basis, the server. Thus a problem before it arises will be solved.

The practice basically follows a simple principle of preventing a problem from arising is better that solving it when it already did damage. With Managed hosting, there is a consistent and detailed monitoring of the servers. The service guarantees a good server uptime as well as network availability that you can assure yourself and of course your client. This function is of course, not impossible when it comes to self-manage server monitoring, but then it will require time, money, and specific set of skills to do so.

Another top service of managed web hosting is its excellent security services assured to your website. It covers several aspects of security maintenance like spam filtering, running of security audits, OS updates, Virus scan, and configuration of firewall software.

The provider is armed with several tools and has excellent track records in dealing with server security issues. They commonly scan your operating system as well as the core application to detect any vulnerabilities of the security. In cases that they have identified some or even one issues, they will immediately fix it to prevent it from attacking your server.

Especially for people who are managing an ecommerce website, the methods of doing business online changes from time to time. For one, the storage requirement changes each time. So if at one point you space requirement is few over time, as it grows, it will already require bigger spaces. Yet, achieving a balance of the demand and your page technical features requires technical skills plus a continued commitment and availability so that it is given enough attention.

Basically, managed storage means that you need to outsource your storage needs from managed services providers. This is in fact beneficial to a company since it helps massively in reducing the costs that are related to administering and buying storage services.

Furthermore, you will also be provided with managed database. However requires expertise and skills of one with experience and knowledge on Database Administration. This act as a service consultant and software that is designed as a great database system to help you meet you requirements.

Finally, this plan also protects you data through regular backup activities that keeps it secured while its integrity is preserved. In fact, studies shows that small businesses may lose over 50 percent of their data because of natural or man-made disasters. Yet, with managed services, the website owner is assured that their data are safe because of the backup.