For you to become a great web designer, you need to keep yourself updated with what’s new before it becomes a trend. Being able to sense what’s going to take off is important in creating a great product. You’ll be recognized as one of the ‘pioneers’ and you’ll be given credit for your innovation and new approach to common problems.

However, it can be pretty tough to keep up with trends because they seem to come so frequently and you never know what’s going to stick for a long time. What’s seems to be the latest craze today will end up being a thing of the past in the next few weeks. Whether it’s a design style or a web development technique, you’ve got to take one step ahead of the rest.

With the latest technological advancements, it’s safe to say that one of the trends to look forward to are animated web designs. Now, this isn’t entirely new to us, as it’s basically the idea behind Flash websites.

We have to do in a way that interests viewers and won’t push them away. Today, we’re going to highlight 10 unique web designs that use minimal to significant amounts of animation in their design. Check them out!

Blue Acorn

blue acorn

Blue is a cute and charming website. It has a very clean and straightforward design, so the movement is used as a means to entertain and draw you in.

baroque is a simple project or experiment that illustrates music in real time. Even if it’s not your favorite genre, this site is quite interesting to watch.

graf miville

graf miville

graf miville is one of those upbeat agencies that don’t seem to take themselves too seriously. They’re more into the creative side than what’s formal and informal. The design and animations on this website seem to give off some kind of feel-good vibe that will draw in a lot of curious visitors.

The Kennedys

the kennedys

Have you had that experience when you’re out late at night and you’re walking down the street and all the places you pass by have these crazy neon lights? They’re bright and flashy and will definitely catch your attention. Well, this website has them!




Werkstatt has used some cool animations and interactions for visitors to really immerse themselves in the website. It’s another amazing website that presents the common portfolio in a very unique way.

Games We Played

games we played

Games We Played has a really neat and forthright concept that we need to see more in modern websites. In this site, someone has decided to create a list of the games they played as a child in Singapore. The movement is displayed as a rollover which makes for a very pleasant surprise.

In Tacto

As a web designer, we know about those wonderful scrolling websites and what they can do to add an X factor. This website, for example, uses such technique to show us a wonderful story on their history and their work.


The Boom and the Arty

the boom and arty

The Boom and the Arty is a perfect example of a site that’s already interesting by itself. The design and content, as well as the layout, are simply amazing and stand out for one of the best portfolio websites you’ll ever see. In the meantime, they’ve added a great video and animations to make the site even more interesting.

The UK Energy Consumption Guide from Evoenergy

The UK Energy Consumption Guide from Evoenergy

When you have a lot of important information and statistics to share to your readers, it’s important to present them in the best way possible. After all, we generally have a very short attention span and it’s easy for us to get bored really quickly with such things. This consumption guide did a great job of using infographics and a bit of animation to make things really fun and interesting.



blacknegative used a lot of programming know-how to do some unique and crazy things to the site. However, the interaction of the site is amazing in its own right. If you haven’t checked this awesome site before, now is the best time to do so!