Ezypage actually ranks lows in other reviews of the best web design software, but of course it still among the best. Its overall performance and functionality presents the reasons why some use it while other prefers another software for web design. For one, this software lacks the strong functionalities that  most of the higher ranking applications offers, However, it still offers the fundamental and basic features that you might need in building a decent website.


Ezypage offers some useful templates that you can actually use as a starting point or springboard for any new websites. It has around 30 templates that you can choose from. These templates offer a number of variation and its range are quite complex since it offers simple single-page sites to a more intricate layout that has several pages. Every template may be customized using text, images, and color styles. Moreso, you can add colors and patterns to your website background using this software.

Web Design Tools

Ezypage may not have the best and the most unique tools but still it completes a job for you. It comes with features like an automatic backup, rollover creation, and meta tag features. Moreso, it supports scripting languages and audio clips that is best for those developers who are advanced users and requires an addition of a customized script. One of the unique features of Ezypage is its capacity to add flowcharts within your website. This is one thing that you cannot usually find in other web design software and it may be strongly helpful for some business sites.

Graphic Imaging Tool

This software actually offers a mediocre graphic imaging tool. It provide editing effects for images and finishes for photos but it does not have any cropping tool. Exypage also lacks with image library that is commonly offered by most of its competitor. Its interface is base from the Microsoft Paint so if you have a full background with this application then you will definitely not have any problem with it. The layout of this web design software is composed of one top-level navigation bar along with the entire editing tools. In cases that you don’t know the name of an icon, all you need to do is hover on it and its will automatically appear. In a few hours, you can actually create a website that you will find satisfactory just by using this software.

Help and Support Options

Ezypage falls short in terms of the help and support options compare to its competitors. Among its top resources include a small  built-in help page that most developers finds it hard to navigate. It also has some tutorials that are primarily directed towards Applets and JavaScript although the things included in these tutorials are somewhat useless to most users. Now in cases that you wanted to contact its manufacturer directly, you can do so by sending an email.

Finally, while this software is comparative bare-bones as a design application, the fact that it can help you create a decent website within a short period of time qualifies it as one of the best web design software. Most developers recommends it limited but varying templates since it offers different levels of difficulty. Moreso, users who has advanced knowledge and background in web designing will definitely like the idea that they can write scripts of their own. Thus, just a little addition of stronger functionalities and more comprehensive inclusion of help and support options, Exypage will definitely be one of the most preferred web design software.