It’s not like writing for a book or publication, a newspaper or a magazine, but blogging is extremely popular on the Web simply because we love sharing, reading, and hearing about new experiences and ideas. And, unlike freelance writing, you don’t have to answer to a client’s demand or write to follow a blog’s direction or scope.

Still, it feels even better if you get paid to write articles. Fortunately, you don’t have to manage a blog to actually make money out of writing.

Writers know how difficult it is to write a convincing piece on something they don’t really have interest in or don’t have enough knowledge or understanding about. But with these amazing sites here that pay for your blogging or writing, you can opt to write about how-to’s, reviews, serious pieces or offer your services for hire.





Bukisa aims to give knowledge to others by sharing experiences, so most of their writings are how-to guides. It’s a great place to write about something you’re interested or have knowledge in.

Earnings are based on Google AdSense within your article. It’s also a community where you can meet other writers. You can sign up for free, so give it a go.




This service refers to their articles as ‘Leaves’ which cover a wide range of categories. Google AdSense ads are placed on your articles, together with their affiliates like Amazon, where you can feature products within your article.

You’ll receive 50% of the earnings from ads and products sold, which will be sent to you via PayPal.




You’ve probably stumbled upon this popular website more than once. They’re so well-known that being a guide or topic writer means you have to apply to write for specific topics. You also have to undergo a two-part orientation and evaluation program to learn about their editorial standards before being accepted to write for them. There’s no mention about how much you can earn from writing for them, but payments are done on a monthly basis.




At HubPages, you write ‘hubs’ or articles about an original and useful topic. Once your article gets published, ads related to what you wrote are placed. These ads are generated from Google AdSense, HubPages Ad Program, and/or affiliate programs like Amazon and eBay.

Once your piece earns the minimum amount on Google AdSense ($100) or HubPages Ad Program ($50), you can cash out your earnings via PayPal.




Triond is an active writing community where you write articles that are then posted on other popular websites. It allows you to post photos, videos, and audio files, together with your articles, which are then published to relevant websites based on what you’ve written. You can keep track of your article views, comments, and earning through your user dashboard. You can cash out 50% of the advertising earnings from your articles every month.



At ArticleTeller, you can be a writer for a lot of clients who go to the site looking to purchase content. You can earn stars as you write an article. These stars let you move through 4 writing levels or rankings. You can earn more cash per article if your rank is higher. A Requester/Buyer will pay you a certain amount for the number of words you write, and you get to keep 81% of whatever they paid for the article, payable through PayPal.

Yahoo! Contributor Network


At Yahoo! Contributor Network, you can register for free to be a Yahoo! contributor, where you can find daily assignments to write about. Many of these assignments offer upfront payments, ranging from $2 to $25 – and sometimes more. Otherwise, you can create and earn from your own content as well, with payments ranging from $2 to $15.

Payments are made through PayPal. The content you write is shared on the other Yahoo! sub-domains, including Yahoo! News, Shopping, Voices, Sports, etc., giving you very good exposure.




This is a place where advertisers look for bloggers to write about their products. It’s also a great site for those who want to sell sponsored posts on their blogs. Advertisers who go to this website have their own set of requirements for what they want in each post. Once your account and profile is on their site, advertisers will visit your blog and if they’re interested to buy ‘advertising space’, they’ll contact you. You can also directly approach advertisers.




This well-known publishing platform and community lets you share personal write-ups through their site. Articles are called ‘lenses’ or pages. Once you’ve posted a lens, ads of similar or recommended products of what’s written is placed around the lens. Ads consist of products which are then sold via their affiliate programs such as Amazon, eBay, and a few others. You keep 50% of whatever Squidoo makes off your lens, which is then payable to you through PayPal or donated to a charity of your own choosing.




Fiverr is an ideal place to sell your writing skills and services (among many others) for a fixed price of $5, where you get to keep $4. When someone purchases whatever you’re offering to sell, the buyer will pay Fiverr first. Once you’ve completed the task at hand, $4 will be credited into your account. You can then withdraw your earnings via PayPal. Get to unlock ‘levels’ by selling more often on Fiverr, and more opportunities and tools will come your way.