Sometimes there’s nothing more frustrating than looking for something and not knowing what it is — especially when it comes to choosing apps for your gadgets.

One way that you can minimize this chore is by reading this article. In here we took the liberty of listing down 7 of the best Windows 8 apps we think you would like. Browse through them, and maybe give a couple of them a test run.

1. OneNote


OneNote is a free Windows 8 app that would come handy for a lot of reasons — eg taking notes. Through the beauty of SkyDrive, you can sync all of your ideas and thoughts to various platforms and devices. There are plenty of features that OneNote has to offer, so explore and see for yourself.

2. Violet Storm Lite

violet storm lite

Need a break from all the pressure you call your life? No worries, we’ve got the game for you. Known as one of the best games on Windows 8, Violet Storm Lite is available as a free Lite version or a Pro edition worth £2.79. The objective of this game is to blast your way through as many enemies as possible across the solar system-like background. It’s a really fun game to play.

3. Twitter


Now one of the biggest social networking websites can be accessed directly from your Windows 8 machine. Although the official Twitter app for Windows 8 doesn’t do much outside what it was made for — display the timeline, allow you to tweet — it docks to the side of the screen, allowing you to do your work while simultaneously being updated about other people’s tweets without having to go to its website.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

If you’re a beginner at the whole photo editing business, you’ll like this app. A free Windows 8 app, Photoshop Express easily lets you adjust the brightness, contrast and colors of your photo using the on-screen sliders, crop pictures, and add a range of filters to your photos. Import your photos from a disc or sync them over the web.

5. Royal Revolt!

royal revolt

One of the most enjoyable Windows 8 games as of the moment is Royal Revolt! This app is a free game whose objective is to defend the tower in impressively rendered 3D graphics, cartoonish sounds and a simple back story. The learning curve is just right, so you don’t have to worry about lagging in the game. The levels get more and more difficult as you progress through the game, and that’s what keeps it not boring and even though simple, a fun game nonetheless.

6. Spider Solitaire HD

spider solitaireIf you’ve been a loyal Windows user right from the very start, you’d know that one of its desktop apps is the undying Solitaire. However, Solitaire is no longer included in this list. Instead, the space is filled by Spider Solitaire HD. With the new and improved Spider Solitaire, you can now choose from several card and table designs and has also full support for touchscreen players.

7. AutoDesk SketchBook Express

If you can’t afford the AutoDesk SketchBook right now, it’s your lucky day because a stripped down version of that app is now available for free. We’re introducing to you SketchBook Express. You can play around with the various brush effects available, and being in a Windows 8 environment, you can make art either through keyboard and mouse or with a touchscreen device.

Windows has gone a long way, and for it to evolve to Windows 8 is a great leap. One of the things you should keep yourself updated about are the apps that are available for Windows 8 and how they would be able to help you in your future endeavors. Check out the apps listed here and you might just find the perfect app that would suit your needs.