One of the main things that you should worry about when making a website is its design and how it will help you gain the visitors you want to have. People like looking at nice things — so from this I guess you can deduce that if your website does not look good, your visitors won’t have to think twice before closing the tab where your website was once loaded.  That’s the sad reality right there.

Good news though is that we can avoid that. Keep in mind that the design is just as important as the content and ignoring the one will render the other one almost useless. There are a number of ways you can do that but in this article we give you 5 things that could help you start off right. Here they are:

1. Professional Design and Style

When choosing the style that your website will come in, you have to think of the kind of message that you want to send to your visitors. The role that your style would play would be to reflect this message and make it apparent on your website. While thinking about this, you also need to consider your target audience and how you would want your website to look and feel from their perspective. The tone of your business will be dictated by the kind of style you choose for your website. Keep the same style constant throughout your web site so that you are consistent. You can also earn credibility from your visitors by having a professional design. Say no to looking like an amateur and yes to professionalism!

2. Layout and Navigation

We’ve all been in a horrible website where the user experience was just plain unpleasant. The layout is horrible, you can’t navigate around the page — why are you going to stay in that kind of website? More often than not, people would not hesitate to leave that website immediately. Do you know why? Because the visitors will just get frustrated with every element in that website.

This is what you should be learning from. Don’t let your users experience this kind of nuisance so make sure that your users know how to find what they are looking for in your website. Be thoughtful of where you should place your graphics and navigation bar.

3. Speed

As the technology progressed, people became more and more impatient to wait around for things that take too much time to finish. This is especially true for those who use their mobiles to surf the internet. Your website is no exception. They will not stay and wait for your site to load — they will leave immediately. No one has the time to waste on waiting for sites when there are other websites that give off the same information and load so much faster. Most, if not all, of us encountered a website or two that loads several seconds later than expected and ended up closing it. Remember that the more content, graphics and data you put, the slower your page will load. Take only the important ones that you can’t bear to remove and work with that. Go easy on the graphics to keep your pages simple, and you will be rewarded.

4. Keep it clean

Don’t save space by putting what you can (and more) onto a small space. This will most definitely not attract customers to your website. Avoid clutter in your web page by limiting the information you give off and the graphics you use. If your visitors don’t have the time to wait for your website to load, how much time would they really allot just to read everything you’ve worked so hard to squeeze in for? They won’t have a lot of time to read all the content, so you should be able to summarize what you’re trying to tell them into short presentations. Also keep the homepage simple so that you don’t overwhelm your visitors and end up scaring them away.

5. Search Engine Friendly

To make sure that your website appears in search engines like Google whenever someone enters a keyword or two that might refer to your website, you should make your website SEO friendly. Making your site search engine friendly is not as easy as it sounds. There are many aspects uncluded like making sure your site is compatible in all web browsers, quick page loading times and validating your HTML code. Doing those things will help give you good rankings with search engines — making your wbsite easier to find on the internet. This will take time but you should be patient. Keep working for it and one day your search engine-friendly website will attract the right amount of customers you’ve only once dreamed about.

So there you have it guys. If you want to improve your web design, the tips above will be of great help to you. Try them out now and see for yourself.