Almost every month, web designers and developers always sink their teeth in on new web applications, jQuery plugins, API tools, web design and development tools, content creation resources, CSS and HTML frameworks, and some awesome fonts.

Many of the resources below come at a very low price. Some are even free. They are sure to be useful to a lot of web designers and developers out there. Check them out to see how they can help make your work easier, and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and co-workers!

Basecamp Breeze


This new service from 37Signals offers e-mail addresses specifically for small groups of up to 50 members. When a group member e-mails the group e-mail address, the e-mail is then forwarded to all of the group members’ personal e-mail addresses.




Convertable combines forms and web analytics so that users can see more information about where their form submitters are coming from and what they’re doing on the site. It’s valuable information that can be used to better support those who contact them.



This web interface manages your text-based GitHub repository content. It’s a great choice for managing blogs or making quick updates to your code. It’s particularly useful for Jekyll sites hosted on GitHub pages, with Markdown text preview and syntax reference.



This new social networking site is built entirely around the idea of sharing, exploring and creating unique and interactive lists. Users can create lists, and other users can vote list items up and down.



Junior is a frontend framework for developing mobile apps with HTML5, with a native look and feel. It includes CSS3 transitions that are optimized for mobile performance, swipable carousels, and more.

Although is currently in beta, it makes things easy for you to create a resume infographic. You can connect via LinkedIn to make the process faster and easier, and you can even get your own custom T-shirt with your resume printed on it!

This REST API tool makes it extremely easy to create documentation and other tools for your users to use your API. It also includes tools to get the community to create their own documentation on GitHub.




This social news application is built with Meteor. It’s open source and similar to websites like Reddit and Hacker News. This app features real-time updating, Markdown support, daily digest view, and many more.


Profound Grid

profound grid

Profound Grid is a fully responsive grid system built with SCSS. It can be used for creating both fixed and fluid layouts. You can add or remove columns as needed, change column and gutter widths, and more.

Christie Street

christie street

Christie Street is a crowd-funding platform that’s catered towards inventors. They’re focused on both supporting inventors who use the site (with product support specifically in mind), as well as protecting buyers.