The primary purpose of building a website is to get people from your target audience interested in what you have to offer. Whether it’s a product, service or creative work, someone’s bound to communicate with you further. And because of this, in almost any industry, you’re going to want to create a contact page.

For some, the contact page is that last page on the sitemap where you just throw a bunch of information. You can leave it up to the visitors to decide how they want to contact you and what they want to contact you about. For others, it’s the final attempt to get their potential clients to give them their business.

However, the contact page is so much more than that. A lot of websites just throw in some numbers and e-mails and move along. In some cases, however, this is the page the customer sees before they want you in a project or prior to purchasing your product.

It’s very important to make sure your contact page delivers in the best way possible. It can be a bit challenging so today, we’re going to share with you some great contact pages and forms to give you a bit of a creative boost.



It’s very important and beneficial to use contact forms on your website, but not everyone does it. Fhoke, on the other hand, didn’t just settle for one form, but two! That’s because they understand some people want to just drop by and say hi, while others want to jumpstart projects. It’s a great way of understanding your audience and catering to them.



Combadi knows how to be consistent throughout their site. It really isn’t easy to pay much attention to the contact page, but Combadi did a great job of making a consistent-looking page. Visitors can also see the attention to detail used in creating the page and the contact form.

Ghost Games

ghost games

The team at Ghost Games are dedicated in creating great and unique video games. At present, their main goal is to add more people to the team and get the audience interested in what they’re doing. They have a basic approach to a contact page and form that fits perfectly with their overall schema.


Fior di Latte                        

Fior di Latte

It’s the digital era and businesses want Twitter followers and Facebook fans just as much as they want website visitors. This particular site, for example, uses their contact page as some kind of social media campaign. It’s very important to them that visitors contribute to their web presence before thinking about e-mailing or ringing them.

Bang & Olufsen

bang & olufsen

Bang & Olufsen has various points of contact by offering contact forms for every contact avenue. Everything is well spelled out and clear enough for visitors and clients to know how to maneuver their requests.

Sweet Basil

sweet basil

This nice, little restaurant in Colorado likes to prepare creative dishes for their customers. What’s great about their site is that their contact info is prominently displayed at the end of each page. The contact page is a simple idea that meshes up a map and a contact form.



Sometimes, you don’t need to put in a lot of information on a contact page. Some businesses are web-based and don’t have a bricks-and-mortar or telephone number for customers to reach them. It can be daunting, but Noearaujo pulled off the ability to make a content-light contact page that’s just as beautiful as the rest.

Hello Creative Media

hello creative media

This website focuses their services on quality rather than quantity, and seems to thrive off creating relationships. It’s important that whatever is said and presented on the contact page represents a brand. With a clean and detail-oriented approach, visitors are given the idea that Hello Creative is looking to connect before they sell.


Grain and Mortar

Grain & Mortar

One of the first rules of web design is visual hierarchy. While a lot of contact pages enjoy showing off the maps and images of the office, this website shows what’s most important first. They really want to hear from their clients so they’ve shown the contact form first and everything else falls in place behind it.


Evolve Artistic

evolve artistic

Evolve Artistic is fully aware that people will want to inquire about projects, so they’ve included some important pointers in contacting them. This ensures no surprises when potential clients are contacted and makes sure everyone is 100% serious so no time and effort will be wasted on both sides.