You know what to put on ‘Contact’ pages or ‘About’ pages because, hopefully, you’ve thought long and hard about it. You know exactly what to put inside these pages, because you have your content for those as well. But just when you thought you’ve got it all covered, here comes a 404 error page!

Lucky for you, you now have the opportunity to design and create your own unique 404 page. And how can you become the coolest kid on the block if you don’t have a super cool 404 page? Why not go above and beyond the basis error pages? You can now, and it’s like a secret world that you often hope no one will see. But if your visitors get a chance to see it, you’ll want to make sure it’s a looker.

You’re given 2 options when talking about 404 designs. Since it’s technically a page reached due to an error, you can make your 404 completely functional so it helps guide your visitors to the right page. The second choice, which seems a bit fancy, is to make your 404 page your own little creative space. It can be a visually pleasing illustration or image, or a page to which people will be desperate to return.

There are a lot of ways to go about and create a unique 404 page, and we’re going to share with you some cool and unique 404 pages to draw inspiration from.



david was here

What’s good about this 404 page is its sheer simplicity. While it may be straightforward, the developer has decided to let a bit of his personality come out with some of the instructions. It’s an easy way to approach the error page.




This error page is simply cute! Molome obviously wanted a chance to show their graphic skills and weren’t afraid about directing the viewer back home. It’s fine because the navigation is very visible. The 404 page makes a unique extension to the brand.



Audiko decided they want to couple the most obvious use of returning viewers to the right page by creating a stunning and colorful illustration for you to see. The difference here is that they’ve created such a focus with illustration that all you want to do is marvel at it and find your way back later.

Focus Lab

focus lab

This website’s approach to the error page is pretty simple and straightforward. We like this one because you get to see the 404 copy in the brands voice. This time, however, instead of directing viewers straight to the homepage, Focus Lab directs them to some of the most important pages in the site.



Inriality makes good use of illustrations in its 404 page. Once you click the picture of the illustration, you’ll be redirected to the homepage.



This beautiful and simple 404 page uses an illustration that’s exceptionally consistent with the visual image throughout the site. The 404 page lets visitors know they’ve stumbled upon the wrong page, although they’re still on the right site, which is very important.




Qype created a very practical use of their error page by allowing visitors to return home or search all the categories the website has. They also offer answers to questions the visitors may have. In addition to its practical use, Qype added a bit of flair by creating a stunningly beautiful, high-quality illustration that refers to their brand’s use.

The Many Faces Of…

the many faces of...

Sometimes, we like to fill the Internet with parody site and sites used to poke fun at, or honor certain people. The Many Faces of Leonardo DiCaprio seems to do one of those, creating little meme faces of Leonardo himself. The 404 page maintains some sort of consistency and is a very fun approach to error pages.


The Movie Nerd

the movie nerd

The Movie Nerd used a clever iteration of their logo to characterize their 404 page. It’s a very smart and consistent branding. Because of the visible navigational bar up top, they didn’t see the need to ensure the viewer needed to be redirected.


I Love Icons

This 404 page doesn’t have much to do with anything. In fact, if you happen to stumble upon this page, you’d probably feel really lost. However, that doesn’t change the fact that in its simplicity, this is just a beautiful image. The faint ‘404’ is a nice touch, too.