The ability to attract visitors and promote your site is vital to the success of your online business. Guest blogging for other websites is a popular method used by many successful web entrepreneurs to achieve this goal.

There are ample opportunities to find a good guest blogging gig. One tried and test approach is to make contact with business owners in your niche or industry, expressing your interest in guest blogging for their website. Some website owners also use online job boards to advertise for guest bloggers.

Here are some useful tips to consider if you plan to guest blog:


Identify suitable blogs and websites in your industry to approach – authoritative sites with a high page rank, and those that are tied to major industry players are good sites to approach. These type of sites usually receive high levels of traffic and attract a large number of loyal subscribers. One good quality guest blog on an authoritative site can provide a nice traffic boost to your own site.

Target Audience

When writing a guest blog, it is essential to know who your target audience is. Scan the current posts on the blog to get a feel for its readers. Gain familiarity with the sorts of posts that readers enjoy – one indicator is the level of engagement as measured by the number of comments received by an individual post.

Pitch your Article Idea

Read the contributor requirements carefully before pitching your article idea or submitting your article to the blog owner. Stay clear of article topics already covered on the blog. If you must write on the same topic, try to come up with a unique angle when pitching your idea.

When emailing the blog owner to express your interest in guest blogging, go the extra mile and provide further information about your proposed topic with an accompanying outline.

An alternative approach is to write the guest post and submit it straight away, rather than pitch an article idea. This can also be an effective method for securing a guest post on a well respected blog, provided your article is good enough to hook the owner straight away.

Get Writing

Once you have secured an agreement to write a guest post, it’s time to get busy! Sketch a rough outline of your article – an introduction, key points for your main paragraphs, and conclusion. Also consider the use of popular formats such as lists, bullet points, and “how to” posts. Write your first draft, then leave it for a day or two to sit in your subconscious before coming back for a second edit and polish.

Bio Link

When providing a bio at the end of your article, it’s important to comply with the requirements set out by the blog owner. Think about the message that you wish to your bio to convey to readers of your guest post. Include some brief details about yourself and your blog, and the URL of your website, and write it in such a way as to encourage the reader to visit your website.

Good Content

Online business owners are always on the look out for great content for their sites – it is hard work to create and publish content on your site day in day out. Good guest writers are a godsend if they can offer quality content to help relieve some of the pressure on the site owner.

Guest blogging needs to be approached with professionalism. Done correctly, it is an effective method for online business owners to improve their industry profile and attract more visitors to their own website.