Listing your business in an online directory is one popular method for driving traffic to your site. The more places that your business can be found on the Internet, the better your chances are of attracting visitors to your website, and of converting them into customers.

But are all directories of equal benefit to your business?

There are many directories to choose from where you can list your business. Here are some important factors to consider when assessing the merits of a business directory:


Try to locate reputable and authoritative directories to list your website URL in. An authoritative directory will usually rank high in the search engines, and be visited on a regular basis by both visitors and search engine bots. DMOZ and the Yahoo! Directory are a couple of the top directories that have high authority, have been online for many years, and are well trusted.

Page Rank

Authoritative directories usually have a high page rank. The search engines will crawl through and index the pages of a high page ranked website on a more regular basis than a low ranked one. This means that if your business is listed in an authoritative directory, then the search engines will find and index it much faster.

Automated or Manual Editing

Look to submit to directories that manually edit submissions. These

directories have editors who will review your directory submission on an individual basis. As time is taken to ensure that your submission meets the directory’s requirements, these directories tend to be of a higher quality and standard.

In comparison, a directory that allows people to list businesses using automated software will tend to be a poor quality one. These type of directories are often not checked for the quality of their listings, resulting in a diluting of the quality of the directory, and subsequently these directories tend to be down ranked by search engines.

Industry Relevant and Regional Specific

Choose directories that are relevant to your business’ industry. For example, if you run a plumbing business in Pasadena, try to find a Local Business Directory that specializes in providing listings for tradesmen in Pasadena.

Directory Submission Tips

Once you have selected suitable directories to list your business, you need to make sure that your listings are structured to give you the best results possible.  Here are some useful tips on creating an effective business listing.


Choose appropriate categories and subcategories within a directory. For example, if listing your business in a directory such as Yahoo! Directory, choose the most relevant category and sub categories to help your business be found in the listings.

Your business may provide computer services (i.e. the Computers category) but specialize in hardware, software, and programming (sub categories of Computer). Ensure that you can be found in all the appropriate sub categories and not just one broad category.

Website Description

People will search the directories for subjects and for specific businesses that can meet their requirements. To maximize your chances of being found in the directory, use popular search strings and keywords to describe your business. A good starting point is to imagine what you would expect a user to type into a search engine to find your business in a search engine, and use those keywords.

Getting your business listed in high quality directories is a great strategy for driving visitors to your website and increasing your business’ online presence.