What Your Online Business Needs to do NOW

Right now list 3-5 problems that your niche is dying to solve at the moment. Think of their pain points and what they’re irrationally passionate about. Now list 3-5 potential solutions you can give for each problem your niche has. What are ways you can take away their pain point and satisfy their irrational passion for whatever it is. These things exist in every niche; I just saw someone that did a six figure launch for a horse ballet niche, I had no idea what horse ballet was, but apparently there’s money in it.

Now, your goal is to modify that list to create a step by step frame work for your customers to solve their problem. This frame work should be something they can follow, something you can train them on to bring them through each point of development in terms of reaching their goal in their niche. An important key is that you don’t need your own real product. Your frame work can be the front end for it, if it was for an affiliate product.

For example, someone in the male enhancement niche would check into different products that seem to work well, choose the best ones then interview the owners, check out the company, anything to get good information and increase perceived value. Then, you’d use that to write a guide for that niche that includes tips and other added value. Like free diet tips to help your blood flow or improve performance, since male enhancement includes being a healthier man over all. So one could develop a training program that takes trendy ideas that are going on now, like high intensity training, and combine it with supplements that you can use individually to increase your health. Then you can say, ‘if you want to simplify and don’t want to take all these pills, you can buy this product, it’s pretty good, here’s the information on the company.’

You can do all this on the back end or even still on the site but the point is Google and more importantly the user is going to see an awesome value, not just a review site for the top five products. There are still search terms, like ‘buy’ or ‘review’, so you still want to have those pages, I’m not telling you to get rid of that marketing. Your front end needs to be more wide reaching and offer more value because it will increase conversion rate and you get the chance to build a list and follow up with them and get them more invested in the whole niche itself.

In low trust niches like male enhancement or diet, doing stuff like this, if more people did it, increases the trust factor for the entire niche.

As I said before it can be a service like SparkPeople.com, that’s a free diet program that has advertising deals and provides affiliate products on the back end. Retail-Me-Not.com is an awesome coupon site that has an affiliate relationship with almost all of the merchants posted on their site. Obviously that’s a tremendous value.

A big idea right now is adding new pages to your site with video training and opt in boxes. Our mission here is to become more than just a review site. Think of the price of the affiliate product you’re offering and try to offer ten times the value; just place a goal in your mind.

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