Wait, I can make a product?

Create something you’ll want to grow over the next five years. I’ve been a web hosting affiliate. I don’t really know that much about the technical side of hosting. I don’t know about all the hardware and data centers work, I’m not an IT guy. So I felt like I wasn’t qualified to do a great front end product that had to do with web hosting.

I started to realize I could look into my demographic more, you can use great tools like Google’s double click ad planner and quad cast, to really dive into who your demographic is. I started checking in the affiliate back ends and looking at their usernames, and it automatically makes their website name into their username. So I could look it up and see who my market was. I thought of all the ways I could help and developed the 3-5 pain points. Check competing offers and competing sites and see what their demographic is. Find something you can be passionate about. I didn’t think I could be passionate about web hosting, but once I found a way to help people it became really fun. You have to harness the power of motivation and making a difference.

I know personally the diet customers can be scary, they can get angry. They go to the review site and then treat you like the company that sold the product. Don’t let this scare you off. You might think ‘well they don’t want to do the same thing as me,’ but you can just offer tips and advice. Even if they don’t follow it, just having a genuine personal connection will help them a lot. Have fun with it, that will provide a lot more value.

If you are making a product, keep in mind that it is statistically proven that people who invest more in something are going to take it further. A prime example is a biz-op niche or internet marketing niche. Someone who pays $49.97 for a product on how to make money online, is pretty much wasting their time and the sellers time. They have a high chargeback rate, high refund rate and a low success rate. That’s entry level stuff and people wont be motivated because they didn’t invest much. Instead, focus on high ticket products, maybe not $2,000 products in, for example, a diet niche, but you want people to be well invested.

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