The Future of Online Marketing / Affiliate Marketing

We want to use our Affiliate Marketing skill set to develop a long term business, rather than just being a middle man. Although that’s been the convenience of being an Affiliate Marketer, but at the same time you don’t want to stress about depending on one product or one offer. You want to have a customer base you can count on. For example, in Diet space instead of a top 10 diet pill review site, like many people are doing, you might want to check out doing a free diet program. That might sound overwhelming, when you think of sites like SparkPeople and eDiets, but you don’t have to go all out and make it perfect. Just start with good and then go great. For example, a free diet program, that can even be online training, like videos on how to eat, just providing value.

This actually more fun than looking at your competitors and doing the same kind of review sites that they do because they’re too scared. The point of all this is to sell affiliate stuff on the back end. And of course, since you’re developing a customer base on the front end, you’re collecting those leads which means you can sell them, including your own products later on. You can even sell the list if you want. I’m not into selling lists because I think the list is about the relationship you have with them but some people do that and it adds to their bottom line.

Another example offer free training videos on your topic and its sub niches. This is something I’m doing on WebHosting break. For example, people who are starting a website, they may be curious about WordPress or SEO, SEM, PPC, PPV all that stuff, and want to know where to turn. When you’re at our level, in terms of our skill set, its easy to forget the level we were at once. It’s easy to forget how much value you can provide. Its easy to forget that you could help some people out by sharing information you already know.

Don’t assume because you’re not certified in a particular field that you have no value to offer. If you write down everything into a frame work, you’ll be surprised at how much value you have to offer. Offer free training videos on your topic, like WordPress training, how to use WordPress, how to build links. Something I like to do is have a video on the left and an ‘Opt-In’ box on the right, saying ‘hey if you like this, feel free to opt-in, entering first name and email, to get more free training. You can increase opt-in’s by putting another opt in box under the video and then adding a few benefits and maybe a little value. Think about it as making friends or building a relationship.

If you have a list of 10,000 people think that’s 10,000 lists, each of a person you’re friends with. Think about it like that and talk to them like they‘re your friends. For example, Mike Hill makes fun of peoples legal terms and conditions. You wouldn’t go to your mom and say ‘hey mom, as per our previous agreement, you’ll be making me spaghetti tonight and you’ll produce it at this time.’ In like manner, when you’re recommending things to friends you say ‘I don’t know if its for you just try it.’ Too many people think they have to hide behind terms and conditions and hope that no one understands it, but really plain English is better.

A good example is people in Internet marketing niche like Frank Kern, he messes around in his emails, he calls his cousin weird drunk guy, to promote his products, and his emails are usually just a few lines. He’s super cool with people and this works because people know he’s actually cool because he delivers value. So it’s about being friendly with people and being yourself. You’re attracting the customers that like you instead of trying to attract everybody and it all works out better.

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