Good content is an essential criteria for your business website. There are many formats of contents to consider such as full feature articles, blog posts, videos and audio.

YouTube is testament to the massive popularity of videos, as videos that go viral can receive millions of views over a short space of time.

Here are some tips on streaming videos onto your company website:

Cater to different Visitor Preferences

Some people like to read, others like to listen, and others like to watch. If you place content on your website using a range of formats, your business will be able to cater to a wider audience to suit different preferences for consuming content.

Get Personal

Videos can effectively communicate to prospects at a more personal level. Your prospects and customers will get to know the face behind your business. Customers are interested to know whether you are an expert in the subject matter, and to glean information about how professionally your business is run. These are all important factors to help gain the trust and authority of your prospects.

Capture Your Visitors Attention

Streaming a video on your website may better capture the attention of a visitor than a blog post. Hopefully your video captivates their attention so that they want to watch it till the end. For the segment of your audience who find it tedious to read a detailed article, videos may provide some fun content that is still able to convey your core message.

If the video helps your visitor to engage with your brand, it will increase the likelihood that they might read other content on your website, whether it be your blog, articles on your website, or podcasts.

Call to Action

A video could be streamed onto your website as a call to action. Perhaps you want to communicate to the customers about how your product can help them solve their problem. Consider a video based on topics of interest to your viewers and prospects. The call to action in your video may be to purchase your product. Firstly, provide good content and if your product is of a high quality, the viewer may already be convinced that they want to purchase the product without doing any “hard” selling.

Streaming Time

Ensure that your video can stream quickly. If your visitor has to wait too long for the video to stream from your website, they will leave without a moment’s notice.

Video Circulation

Circulate your videos through services like Vimeo and Viddler. These services will distribute your video throughout the Internet to many different websites. This strategy will help increase your business reach on the internet and increase exposure for your website.

Hosting Services

Consider hosting your videos on a service like Amazon S3 Hosting. If you plan on streaming multiple videos on your website, consider the use of a reliable service such as this.

Create Engaging Videos

People are also looking to watch the videos for many reasons: to be informed, to be entertained. Consider the type of image you want to portray to prospects about what your business does.

Videos are a great way to engage with prospects. If done well they can improve your branding and increase your customer base.