Creating and selling information products on the Internet is as easy as A-B-C, or is it? In this article, we will review the current range of popular information products to sell online. If you have selected a niche for your online business that involves selling an information product, your next step will involve choosing a suitable product type.

What are information products?

Information products are typically items that can be purchased via the Internet and that contain valuable information on a particular subject. They are usually easy to purchase, and may be either in a digital format or a physical product.

Information products can be lucrative because the Internet is home to many markets with hungry buyers looking to immediately purchase an item for its valuable information. If your information product can help them solve their problem or provide specific information that they need, then you could be on to a winner.

Types of information products

So what type of information product should you offer? Some of the most popular types of information products sold on the Internet include the following:

  • Ebooks
    Ebooks are one of the most popular types of information products. They can be purchased and downloaded instantly, so that the buyer can gain access to the information without delay. Another distinct advantage is that most ebooks sold on the Internet can be read without the aid of any special electronic reader device. The common format for ebooks is a PDF file, which is readable with Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free program that most customers will already have installed on their computers.
  • Membership Courses
    People are keen to learn new skills for their vocations, careers, or hobbies, and there are many types of membership courses available on the Internet to suit all requirements. You could join a membership course to learn how to be a web entrepreneur, how to organize your home, or even to be coached on how to be a first class web entrepreneur coach! Membership courses allow people to access information by paying a monthly membership fee or fixed fee. There are two broad types of membership courses: continuity membership and fixed duration. A continuity membership, as the name suggests, continues on indefinitely once you join as a member, whereas fixed duration courses run for a set period of time, typically three months, six months, or one year.
  • Webinars
    Webinars, teleconference seminars, and webcasts are another popular type of information product. For example, you could sell your product as a 3-day intensive boot camp, where customers log in to a weekly live call to learn from you personally. Calls from the webinars can also be recorded, and then packaged and sold as an additional product.
  • Podcasts
    Podcasts are another popular medium by which information products are created and disseminated. Customers can pay a fee to subscribe to a podcast series. Podcasts are relatively easy to create, and can be easily distributed through channels such as the iTunes Store or sold on your own business website.
  • Videos
    Information products created in video format are also very popular. Videos are one of the most popular methods for consuming information products online. They are also relatively easy to create with the use of video software such as Camtasia, or if you are a Mac user ScreenFlow is a popular application to use. People love watching videos to learn about a subject.
  • Physical Products
    Information products can be created in physical formats and sold online. This involves creating your physical products such as books, manuals, newsletters, guides, CDs, videos, etc., and having them branded, packaged, and shipped to your customers. This was the original form of providing information products via the Internet, and still remains popular today.

Hopefully, this article has sparked a bright thought or two on your choice of information product for your next online venture.