Online Business Marketing Offer Value Booster #1

Having Fame

Having fame is when you’re perceived to be an expert or well known. Something Frank Kern did, which was cool, was to position himself as the king of Internet marketing. So instead of getting other people to say he is, or say so himself, he did a State of the Internet address. He put on a jacket and sat at a desk and there was a red and blue ticker streaming at the bottom, to simulate the news broadcast. So people got the joke, a parody of the State of the Union, but they also associated Frank Kern as a top authority on Internet Marketing (State of the Internet). Whatever your niche, you can do State of the _____. Everyone should try it. I’m trying it. It may not wok for every niche, I’m sure, but you can do things that imply your authority.


Create Facebook fan pages for your sites, to help grow traffic virally. This provides so much value that people hit like. So even on Facebook, when someone asks about WordPress training, they’ll get referred back to my site. Diet niche–you night assume people don’t want that stuff on their Facebook wall, but if you do it correctly, it adds value. Check out the link on Web Hosting Billboard for the plug in that is used to put the Facebook light button on your site and info on how to make fan pages. Encourage retweeting of your content, too, that’s pretty powerful, and there’s a plug in for that as well. By way of example, Frank Kern got 5,000 retweets of his State of the Internet address, just from a button on his blog. The viral power of YouTube makes it a great platform for training videos.

Syndicated Content

Syndicated Content allows you to cut a piece of a training video and send it to a big blog or site. You offer the free training to that site, which builds a relationship and gives you access to a huge user base, giving you perceived fame very quickly. If your content links to an opt-in page, your page will be promoted for you, and that increases conversion and adds people to your list that like you just because someone else said you were awesome and then you deliver on the value.

Another idea is being a guest speaker on Webinars. People are really open to working with each other because a single host webinar loses value.

Become a guest speaker at seminars and guest writing for a paid newsletter. Being a guest blogger has become very popular. You’ll be so surprised at the willingness of people to guest post on your blog to promote themselves on their site. Typically these are pretty famous people who are contacted. You might not expect a response because they don’t know who you are, but they’re open, and then you’ve got people providing tremendous value on YOUR site, and helping to position you as an expert because you’re hosting other experts. So your visitors get awesome information and the guest gets to promote themselves: it’s a win-win for everybody.

Creating fame can be done wrong. A lot of people go about this by creating fear and then getting the click through. But the problem with this approach is a low conversion rate. So for example, “Andy Chow Scam,” would be the wrong approach, while “Andy Chow’s fans love this,” would be a much better tactic. For example, Frank Kern (who has worked with Tony Robins) did a Google Adwords campaign for when people searched Tony Robins, that read ‘Tony Robins fans loved this, check it out.” That’s way better than saying “Tony Robins scam–check this out!”

Do this NOW:

Something to do now: list 3 people that you could syndicate content with. Choose three people that you’ve seen that you’d like to share content with, three sites in your industry. Next, list two sites your audience is likely to visit.

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