Google’s Evil Plan: Take Advantage to Increase Traffic and Sales

Google is making it easier to rank sites that actually held visitors and provide value through a different front end. It’s not just ‘Top 3 Products,’ anymore, so though I called it Google’s Evil Plan, it’s actually great for us.

Obviously Google’s goal is to provide the best user experience, and if all the Adword ads are for the same product, that’s a crappy user experience. So Google has to protect their name and their users, so that’s closing the door on a lot of Affiliates who are just thinking in that ‘Affiliate Box’ but it’s opening the door for people who are trying to bring a unique offering. Think about all the unique merchants who got pushed out because of those affiliates paying the high bids when they couldn’t.

In the SEO arena, more weight is being given to links that have more recency, for example timed with new content. So on my SEO sites I always try to release some content and then build links to that content fairly quickly. That makes sense, right? If you release some content on your site that’s link worthy then people will link to it on their sites after that. So don’t just get homepage links and links to your sales pages. Obviously you’re going to create link worthy content in the first place where you don’t have to simulate it, but you should spread it over all of your content. Always make sure you’re doing homepage links, sales page links plus sprinkling in some time based links, that connect to your recent content.

Also there’s more focus on local search. Something you might want to do is have a directory (for example of weight loss clinics). If someone then does a search, for example, of Nashville Weightless Clinics your site will pop up, and then you can provide information and listings on those pages. You can charge companies for those listings, that’s another revenue source. This way you can build up that long tail traffic. And I believe last time I checked, somewhere around 80% of Google’s searches are local traffic, like “Nashville Web hosting,” or “Nashville Weight loss Clinic.”

Also, thanks to Google’s search suggestions, the box that drops down when you search a term in Google, has caused long tail searches to be longer. This is changing the way mini sites need to be done. Mini sites need to target a lot more specific long tail terms because Google is trying to make everything more relevant.

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