If you have a business website, consider creating a buzz piece to get the word out about your business. A buzz piece is a special free report created with the express purpose of generating excitement about a topic, and is an ideal way to attract attention from prospective clients. Plus if you can generate enough interest about your buzz piece, it could potentially go viral and hit the Internet big time.

Here are some handy tips for creating an effective buzz piece:

Choose a Topic

It takes time to create a real attention grabbing report, so spend the time to choose your topic carefully – write content that is useful to your target audience and clients. Ideally they should be reading it and saying to themselves – I can’t believe they are giving away this information for free! Make it a report full of quality, helpful information about your industry that isn’t available elsewhere on the Internet, and you will leave no doubt in your audience’s minds that you are a leader in your field, and you will immediately stand out from your competition.


Your buzz piece should have a professional format and be a positive reflection of your company brand. If it’s a report, create the final version in pdf format. Make sure that you brand your buzz piece with your own name and company name. I have opened up many a useful report that has no information about the author, or even a business website URL. What a wasted opportunity to capitalize on the goodwill created!

A good length for a buzz piece is around five to ten pages – don’t overwhelm the reader. Bloggers are great at creating buzz pieces and getting the word out about their business. Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips successfully launched his online profits course when he released his report on mistakes made by businesses. It was a great strategy to use to spread the word about his course.

Use a Catchy Title

Try to use a eye-grabbing title to attract your prospects and to get them to subscribe to your free offering. Referring back to Daniel Scocco, the title of his report – “10 Deadly Mistakes That You Should Avoid” – is a great example of intriguing the reader. If you were starting an online business, wouldn’t you be enticed to find out what those deadly mistakes are?

Near Enough is Good Enough

If you strive for perfection you may never get your buzz piece finished. Remember, it doesn’t need to be a literary masterpiece – it just needs to be incredibly useful for your intended audience. Get it done, then build up some momentum by distributing your buzz piece through social media marketing channels.

Stay ahead of the game (and your opposition!) and create a buzz piece to offer your prospects. They are a great way to establish yourself as a leader in your market, and one who is genuinely interested in helping others – which then puts you well on the way to winning the trust of your potential clients.