Soliciting customer feedback is an oft neglected task that businesses put on the backburner as something that can be done later when things are not so busy.

This is a major mistake.

Obtaining customer feedback is crucial to the success of a business, and should be placed at the top of a business’ priorities.

Unhappy and dissatisfied customers will result in a higher refund rate, leading to a reduction in income, and less repeat business. All of these issues will impact severely on the bottom line.

Getting customer feedback doesn’t have to be a difficult or time consuming task. There are many useful online customer survey tools that are available on the market for free or at minimal cost, that will help make the job of getting feedback from your customers a snap to perform.

SurveyMonkey is one such online survey tool that is popular and easy to use, with a free version available with a slightly reduced feature set, and a more extensive paid version available for a very reasonable annual cost of around $200.

It’s a very versatile product, so no matter what type of customer survey your business has in mind, SurveyMoney can help you carry out your survey with ease.

As well as using online questionnaires to survey your customers, your business should also survey your employees, business and joint venture partners, and suppliers. Any group with an interest in your business can be asked for feedback quickly and simply.

Online surveys are very useful tools for all of the following purposes:

Market Research

Conduct market research as part of an effective email marketing campaign, so that your business can improve on its products and service delivery, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Engage in two way communication to seek customers’ input on their likes and dislikes about your product, and on any issues and problems that they may face that your product could help them address.

Customer Profiles

Gather and analyze demographic information about your customers, so that your business can obtain a sound understanding about its target audience, such as their needs, wants and desires.

Online survey tools such as SurveyMonkey contain many useful features, including:

Survey Templates

There are a wide range of survey templates to choose from, ranging from multiple choice, through to demographic information and rating scales.

Company Customization

Create a professional survey by customizing the template to incorporate your company logo. It’s also nice to have a customized thank you page that customers are taken to when they have finished completing your survey.


Make the best use of data collected through segmentation of your responses. For example, say your business has chosen three different social media distribution channels (e.g. by email, Facebook, Twitter) to disseminate its marketing message. It would be useful to separate your responses based on these three different channels.

Analyzing your responses will help you to obtain an understanding of the unique characteristics of each social media channel, so that your business can effectively market to these individual channels.


Information collected from survey responses can be collated and used to prepare reports for distribution internally or externally to your business. Transforming reports into a PDF format with your company branding will produce a professional looking and high quality report.

Obtaining customer feedback is an important aspect of any business. Take advantage of online survey tools to conduct a customer survey – improve customer satisfaction and your bottom line at the same time. As any successful business owner knows, they go hand in hand.

Do you know whether your customers are happy with your business? Why not ask them?