Welcome to State of the System. I wanted to give you guys a few urgent updates about the state of Affiliate Marketing and developing more of a business instead of just feeling like we’re just affiliates hustling offers. The focus of this video is turning Affiliate marketing into something that we can do for the next 5-10 years.

A lot has happened in the last six months. Here are the highlights:

Adwords Exodus: Google has banned a massive number of affiliates, making it hard to advertise on Adwords. Lots of people are getting slapped, even legitimate campaigns with good quality scores and without thin affiliatship. A lot of people are feeling like they don’t have a business and they’re really frustrated.

Organic SERPS:
Even the Organic SERPS, the organic rankings, people are getting slapped there. I’m heavily into these, so I try to make my sites a little higher quality than theirs. I’m not going to lie, I like this trend because the thin affiliate sites are going down and this leaves more room for guys like us who are really trying to provide value.

FTC Regulations: These regulations are hitting hard. This is designed to stop the guys who are doing fake news sites, fake blog sites like ‘Mary’s Weight Loss,’ and ‘News 10’ with that hot news anchor. Those tactics aren’t cool and you’ll get in trouble.

Visa/Mastercard: It’s hard to run affiliate offers because they’re really worried about what people are going to be doing. CPA marketing has been like the Wild Wild West and the Internet is still really young. Basically, if I remember correctly, an executive with Visa was quoted in New York as saying “We don’t f*cking want them,” and he was referring to continuity merchants. There are a lot of legitimate guys like NetFlix–that’s a continuity program–they get to keep running. Right now it’s really tough to get card processing but there are a lot of things you can do besides card processing. We still have continuity, you just can’t do free trial promotions.