As a Freelancer i use Microsoft project management tool MS Project which is a desktop based application and have all the options one ever needs. A month earlier my system crashed and i lost all my data, so i search the internet for web based project management tools and got a huge number of search results. In this article i compiled a list of 12 free web based project management tools. These tools has limited functionalities but it will suit you if you don,t want to spend money. Soon i will write an article about the paid services too. I will love to have your suggestions in this regard.


ClockingIT is a hosted application for tracking all your tasks, issues, projects and time spent, with a focus on software development and handling large amounts of tasks.

2.Freed Camp:

Freed Camp offers an extremely easy, yet fully customizable user permission system. Choose what your co-workers and clients can see, or create a custom group to manage permissions. Each application can be separately managed allowing you to track each and every user role. Receive instant notifications of everything happening within Freedcamp.


Gantter is a free web-based project management tool. You can think of it as a web-based Microsoft Project.


  • No Software required.
  • Integrated with Google Docs.
  • Store/Share in the cloud.
  • Import your mpp files.
  • Project schedule tool.
  • Available in multiple languages.

4.Multi Task:

MultiTask brings the look, feel, and basic functions of Microsoft Project to the Web. You can either upload a Microsoft Project file to MultiTask or use the tool’s built-in editor create tasks and assign them to members of your team. MultiTask not only displays a list of the task, which you can easily manipulate, but also generates a Ganttchart.

5.Plan Cake:

Plan Cake manage all your todos, ideas and appointments in your browser by the quick and easy way. Have all your lists with you on the go and when you don’t have Internet access – no need to install any extra software.

6.Plan Projects:

Plan Project is one of the most popular free online project management service. Manage your projects with powerful tools you’ve always wanted. Keep track of the time you spend on projects and then accept payments via their built-in PayPal feature.

7.Project Stat: is a new service that can help you easily manage your customers’ project info and allow your customers to see up-to-date project information at any time. is easy to use. They help you track the basics of any project so you only spend time updating the most important information for your customers.

8.Scad A Plan:

Scadaplan is a project management and collaboration tool for small and middle groups. Scadaplan is designed to keep user`s working time with the program to a minimum.

9.Task Barn:

Taskbarn’s easy-to-use project management tools will make your life easier. Communication, sharing, and planning are important elements of every project and Taskbarn helps you with all three. With Taskbarn, you can:

  • Organize all project tasks in a TODO list.
  • Communicate with project members through private messages and the project feed.
  • Share files, web links, and other assets.
  • Invite clients, colleagues, and friends to collaborate with you on your project.
  • Access your projects from anywhere with an internet connection.

10.Team Box:

Teambox brings the familiarity of social networks to your projects. Sharing tasks and files is simple and secure. You can manage tasks with status, due dates and milestones. Track ideas and deliverables and give your team a place to document processes and keep useful data.

11.Team Lab:

All the essentially important features to manage projects efficiently. An extremely wide array of collaboration tools at your disposal. Online editor, file sharing, access rights management and many other useful options.

12.Who Does:

Who Does is the web-based project management tool that helps team members collaborate with each other, share files, emails and manage milestones and tasks.