A month before i was surfing the internet to do some resaerch for my next article when i find my article  somewhere else it really shock me. Some how that matter is solved now. But i keep thinking of ways to find if someone else has copied my work. So i do some research and find that there are certain tools available online that not only helps you check your content being published elsewhere but also helps you to check duplicate content on your website too. So here i come up with these 09 free tools to help you check on your contents.

1.Article Checker:

Article Checker is a free web plagiarsm checker, article checker, and duplicate content checker tool. It also scans your web page for others who may have copied its design or content any way.


This is a free service designed to monitor your RSS feed and find where your content has been republished in the blogosphere. They automatically notify you when a new post of yours is copied to another feed, they also build an overview page you can view to see how/when/where your content is being duplicated, quoted or plagiarized.

3.Copyright Spot:

CopyrightSpot allows you to discover all the spots where your licensed and unlicensed original content lives on the web. You can use this free service to help develop new business relationships with sites that see value in your writing. It can help with your Page Rank by allowing you to identify attribution links that are missing from sites that are reusing your writing. It’s also a great way for you to track your already licensed material on the web.

4.Copy Scape:

Copyscape is dedicated to protecting your valuable content online. They provide the world’s most powerful and most popular online plagiarism detection solutions. Copyscape’s products are trusted by millions of website owners worldwide to check the originality of their new content, prevent duplicate content, and search for copies of existing content online.

5.Dupe Off:

Check your content or website for plagiarism or duplication online. This tool will split your content up to sentences or subsentences and check each part for occurrences.

  • You have 5 free DupeOff checks per day up to the first 4 sentences.
  • Sentences longer than 15 words are truncated, those shorter than 3 words are discarded for accurate results.
  • The DupeOff server stores reports temporarily for 1 day for your convenience.
  • Your report can only be seen from your IP address.

6.Dupli Checker:

Please type few phrases or add your article in the box given above for checking on this free plagiarism tool.
After choosing quote or without quote and search engine, hit the search button of this plagiairsm detection software.New search page of this plagiarism detection software will show result after breaking each sentence automatically against the websites pages already indexed. You can always press back button of this plagiarism checker to search next article.

7.Percent Dupe:

PercentDupe is a most powerful and most popular online plagiarism detection tool which protects your valuable content online. It properly checks the originality of their new content, prevent duplicate content, and search for copies of existing content online.


Plagiarism is as old as mankind. There was even a time, when imitation was the only way of carrying human knowledge over the generations. Today plagiarism causes economic damage in billions of dollars. If you want to protect yourself for Plagiarism try this free service online.


Plagium is a service of Septet Systems Inc. – a New York-based company that specializes in advanced search solutions for industry, the public sector, and government. They have aimed to provide an easy to use service that applies to a broad base of users.