Good question. There are both pros and cons to both of them, of course, depending on your needs. Most sites on the Internet have Unix based hosting. A common misconception, however, is that individuals who have Windows PCs and are webmasters have to use Windows based hosting, and that’s simply not true.

There are two major scripting languages available to webmasters today, and they are about the same in what they are capable of. One runs on Unix, and the other runs on Windows, so either option can be a good one.

One of the most advanced programming languages, .NET from Microsoft, requires a Windows platform.

Unix plans are usually a bit less money, and if you have to ask which one is right for you, Unix is generally the best choice overall. Depending on what database you use, you might have to use Windows, but if you’re just starting out and setting everything up you can get everything that works together and with Unix – right from the beginning.