There’s been a lot of talk lately about WordPress. It’s a big deal in the Internet world, because it’s so very easy to deal with. When it first started out it couldn’t handle nearly as much, but it’s evolved a lot more now and really made a name for itself. It’s a powerful framework for websites, and it’s remarkable easy to use, which makes it very popular with people who know what they’re doing and people who don’t. It’s open-source and it was designed to be a blogging platform, but it quickly became more than that.

WordPress also has a lot of plugins, so things like SEO are easier in it than they would otherwise be. You can just plug-and-play, essentially, so there are a lot fewer worries for a site owner. You want your site to be great for your customers, but you don’t want it to be a huge hassle for you. It will take up too much time that way, and time is money, especially if you’re a smaller business that’s just trying to make it. Using WordPress can save you both money and aggravation.