If a company has an SSL certificate, you can feel safe using your credit card there. This certificate ensures that a person who goes to the site and buys something will have their personal information protected. Any site can be hacked, of course, but SSL makes it much more difficult for someone to get the information that is stored on the site and do anything with it.

If you shop online at all, always look for a site which uses the SSL certificate. And likewise, if you are offering products for sale and taking payment, you’ll need an SSL certificate.

Some of the biggest concerns about SSL certificates, however, are whether they can be faked, how they are authenticated, and what to do if a browser doesn’t recognize them. This last issue is a particular problem with Mozilla browsers like Firefox, because that browser simply won’t show the page if the certificate is self-signed or expired. These are usually not serious issues, but getting to the pages can be a huge hassle, and some people end up switching browsers because of it.