IMG_9734 (Mobile)Sometimes web hosts will have very similar packages, pricing, and stats for web hosting. If this is the case, it can come down to how long the company has been around (their track record so to speak), or other extras that the web host offers. For some, getting access to a full and complete knowledge base about web hosting issues is what makes the difference in choosing a web host.

With that in mind, here are some things to consider when choosing a web host and looking at their knowledge base.

  • Do They Have One – If the web hosting company doesn’t have a knowledge base at all, it may be a sign that you don’t want to work with them.
  • Is it Current – Even if the web host you’re considering has a knowledge base, you should do some queries to see how current the information is. They could have the best documents on an early version of Plesk or cPanel, but if it’s not current, it does you no good.
  • Is it Active – Along with being current, you should see if there’s a way to see new knowledge base articles so you can tell how active it is. Also, are you allowed to add your own knowledge to the ‘base?

These are the basic things you should consider when thinking about knowledge bases and web hosts. The knowledge base shouldn’t be your only concern, but for most people it should play at least a small part in making your decision. A knowledge base can be really helpful with your web hosting activities, so you should make sure your web host has a good one that’s current.

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